How to promote your Facebook Fan / Like page to your Facebook contacts

You've got a fan page and you love it. Every day you lovingly add content and nurture it, but the fan / like count is stuck in single figures – how can you make it rise?

One thing that lots of you forget is to USE YOUR NETWORK! You have contacts on Facebook alrady, right? People who are intersted in what you do? So ask THEM to become fans of / like your page.

There are two ways to do this:

1) Share the page with your contacts.

This is the more passive of the two ways, and perhaps the easiest to do. On the bottom left of your page there is a button labeled 'Share'. I mean the VERY bottom left, way, way down there – scrolled all the way down? There it is 🙂 It looks like this:

facebook share button

Clicking on that button will post details of your page to your Facebook profile, with the option to add a message if you want:

post your facebook page to your profile page

So your update will appear in people's news streams and they can then choose to become a fan of your page.

The second way takes a little more time, but is usually more effective in gaining fans.

2) Top left, underneath the logo of your page, is a link that says: Suggest this page to friends:

suggest to friends

Once you click on that, a pop up box will appear with details of all of your friends in it – you can filter these by various criteria but the default view is all of your friends:

friends list

If your friends are faded out, this means you've already invited them or they are already fans of your page. Anyone else can be clicked on to be invited – you can click on as many as you like, and then press 'send invitations' and they will receive an invitation to become a fan of / like your Facebook fan page.

Don't send invitations too often, and don't invite the same people all the time (once they 'ignore' your invitation, it appears that the Facebook system lets them be invited again so it's worth keeping a note of who you invited if possible).

Hopefully this post will help you to gain more fans for your page – and remember, you can do the same for any page you're a fan of / have liked, so if you find a fab Fan / Business page you just want to tell everyone about (cough…) then you can invite people to follow it in the same ways mentioned above.

Have fun!

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  1. Hello Nikki,
    I tried to post a comment previously but somehow the system chewed it up!
    Your Facebook post was very interesting, especially the point about adding freinds to your fan page.
    My issue is how to keep a fanpage as a business focus rather than a social a internet marketer I was to keep my social and business focus clearly this strategy wrong?

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