How to get customer testimonials that work

Here at we’re great believers in getting testimonials from customers. It’s important to us, and it helps us to:

a) Know we’re doing well for our clients


b) Show potential clients that we are as good as we say we are.

So it was nice to come across this blog by Emily Cagle Communidations – Ten Steps To Better Customer Testimonals.

In the post, she talks you through getting and using testimonials, with the following steps:

1. Ask promptly
2. Ask personally
3. Name names
4. Get permission
5. Tell a story
6. Illustrate the decision making process
7. Keep it short
8. Use them creatively
9. Keep them current
10. Be honest

We’ll certainly be taking a few of her pointers on board, as should you if you want to include customer testimonals on your website!

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