How infographics can be weaved into your social strategy

A guest post from @adriasaracino

A social media marketing strategy is integral to how you promote your business (or your clients’ businesses) online. After the meteoric rise in the popularity of the infographic, it’s worth considering how you can best weave this kind of content into your strategy.

A fresh source of quality content
A good social strategy always involves bucket-loads of high quality content, whether you’re creating it yourself or finding it online to share. This can sometimes be challenging, particularly if your business isn’t the most engaging of industries.

The infographic creates many opportunities for fresh content, even for less immediately exciting subject areas. Because the heart of the infographic comes from presenting complex information or data in a simple and accessible way, it means as long as you have access to data and some creativity, you’ll be able to find something interesting to say.

In fact, some of the most successful infographics around comes from companies who analyze their own data – such as the online dating website, OKCupid. This is because, if you’re the only one with the numbers, you’ll be creating something truly unique – a hard feat in today’s blogosphere.

Innately shareable
Your social strategy probably revolves around conversations and sharing. The infographic perfectly suits the latter of these activities and doing something as simple as adding interactive share features makes it easier than ever to watch your content spread like wildfire online. For example, Simply Business created this interactive productivity guide series that allows readers to socially share the piece directly off the graphic. Think carefully about where you position these kind of features on the infographic, as you don’t want to seem overly pushy, nor do you want them to be overlooked.

The very nature of infographics also makes them ideal for sharing. They’re visually appealing, load on a single page and can usually be digested in a very short time. If you think about how short a time you have to make an impression on a visitor, this last feature is a really important benefit. In fact, it means that infographics are often a better way to present certain bits of information than, for example, a traditional blog post.

They can be quick and easy to create
Although many infographics involve lots of crunched data and careful design, it doesn’t have to be this way. Sometimes, the simplest designs are the best, particularly if they play off well-known or trending memes. For example, take a look
at this one created by South African Hotels that takes a look at foods South African expats miss the most. Meme-based
infographics tend to share well and are easy to create, so this can be an extra incentive to keeping things simple!

Some stock photography websites also offer great vector images for infographics that can be crafted into something suitable for your business. The beauty of this approach is that, by using vectors, you can scale your infographics for whatever purpose you want – from presentations to merchandise!

These three points just go to show how accessible and worthwhile infographics are to anybody’s social strategy. And, with those stock vectors ready for you to use straight away, there’s no excuse not to get creating some fresh, irresistibly shareable content for your business.

Adria Saracino is a marketer and blogger. When not consulting on business’ content strategy, you can find her writing about style on her personal fashion blog, The Emerald Closet.

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