How can I get more people to see my posts on my Facebook Business Page?

screenshotfbpageThe recent news that Facebook is reducing the visibility of posts on Business Pages has had the small business community in uproar.

I’ve seen people deciding to give up their Business Page, ranting about Facebook, worrying that all their hard work will now go to waste, and more.

It appears that posts made on Business pages could now reach as little as 2% of ‘likers’ – I have almost 2500 likes, so this means that my posts could potentially only reach 50 people each time I post. For someone with only a few hundred likers, this number would be in single figures – hardly inspiring is it?

However, there is an answer. It involves a little work on the part of the Business Page owner, but it’s worth it in the long run if you want to make the most of your page without paying for promoted posts.

Currently your posts will only appear in the newsfeed of a small percentage of your likers. But did you know that your likers can CHOOSE to see your posts and be notified when you post? That’s personal choice and Facebook can’t get around that.

The problem is that most Facebook members don’t know about this facility so you’re going to have to tell them.

How do my Likers get notified?

When someone likes a page, a drop down box appears:

getnotifiedIf your liker clicks the ‘Get notifications’ option, a tick will appear next to it, and any post you make will appear in their notifications along with details of friends posts and updates. It’s THAT simple!

So what’s the catch?

Well, you’re going to have to let your current and future likers know. Which means individual messages to each of them, either telling them this or pointing them to this blog post (I recommend the latter 😉 ) It’s going to take time if you have a lot of likers, and not everyone will take you up on the offer, but it’s definitely worth doing if it helps you to increase your reach.

What should I say?

A simple message saying something like this should do:

Hi, as you know, Facebook have changed their rules recently so that even if you like my business page you may not see updates. However, there is a way that you can ensure you see my posts – simply click on the ‘Like’ button and when the drop down menu appears, tick ‘Get notifications’. For more info on this please see

A few of these messages sent out a day should see your potential reach increase massively.

I don’t have time for that!

You could use a VA to do this, or someone like me. I’m offering this service as a part of my ‘Let me show you Facebook can work for you – for free!‘ offer. I’d recommend sending out 20 or so a day and monitoring your insights to see how your reach has increased.

Please do share this post on your Business Page, and other Social Media, so all small businesses can see how to get around this.

And of course you can Like my Business Page and follow me on Twitter 🙂

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  1. Shame that this approach became rather frowned upon last year when the algorythm changed, because it could definitely help small businesses now. It almost gained status as a scam in fact, with lots of small businesses writing whingey statuses that didn’t really fit in with the concept of having a coherent, engaging, authentic editorial calendar for their page. But times are definitely tough – I would definitely go as far as to say that it’s nigh on impossible to grow a Facebook page organically now; luckily you CAN still achieve quite a lot with a tiny ads budget, but I’m withdrawing any advice that I can grow a Facebook page significantly without running ad campaigns.
    So I guess page owners with genuinely zero budget will have to at least try these tactics. But they should do it in a fun and engaging way NOT whining! No Liker wants to see that 😉

  2. I can’t believe what I’ve just read! We spend months fighting for Facebook likes and now I find that most of my audience won’t even see them.
    I like you idea of notifying everyone however, I don’t want a ‘little more work’ as I’ve got way too much already! Let’s face it – it’s hard enough getting people to like your page without making it more complicated – people don’t do complicated – you have to just about spoon feed them.
    I could hire you but I prefer the idea of all businesses abandoning Facebook for such a stupid move – we could all use Google + or me and you, Nikki, could get together and start a new rival social media site that does what everyone wants…

  3. Andrew Crook says:

    I suggested the same a few days ago in the prospect networking group. As I said then the problem is getting people to jump through hoops but it is better than nothing.

  4. I was also thinking about using a page tab with an embeded video as a lander for the fanpage showing instructions.

  5. Facebook is in the midst of an identity crisis thanks to going on the stock exchange and having to bow to the pressure of fickle investors. Like all companies who launch, there is a “headless chicken” phase where things are done in a bid to raise more revenue to please the investors. What we are witnessing on Facebook is nothing more than an attempt to derive more money from us by making business pages have to pay for being noticed. Nice idea, except, forcing people to pay, which is pretty much what the changes mean for most businesses due to low number of likes, will actually result in fewer people paying than Facebook anticipated. So, give it a few months and the changes will be reversed.

    Meantime, of course, an option is to get more people to come to your real business pages and blogs on your own domain where you control everything and where the likes of Facebook cannot tinker and spoil the impact. One day Facebook will realise that it is a social network and concentrate on that. Ho hum.
    Graham Jones recently posted..Information is essential to website successMy Profile

  6. Argh! I find Facebook Business Pages very limiting and now that I know that only around 2% of likers are going to see my FB posts, I’ll be focussing on growing my audience via Twitter & Pinterest.

    Facebook needs to be careful or it could end up the next Myspace or Friends Re-united!
    Carol recently posted..Style Quote #40My Profile

  7. On my page I have found since this happened that if one just pastes text only as the post and telling people or readers/customers /clients to see the comments box for pictures and links then the reach is restored a lot more. Yes it does mean more work especially if sharing some one elses posts….. but check it out and you will see the views jump massively.

  8. Great article Nikki! My question remains, how do I go about privately messaging my current Likers? Unlike my personal FB page, I can’t see any “message” box to click on?

  9. Hi Pazit

    You’d need to message through your personal account I’m afraid. Facebook doesn’t allow for messaging through a business page…


  10. There is a messaging feature on the FB business page. It’s in the admin section of the page.

  11. Problem now is you cant see your friends on a business page, only how many likes you got, so you cant message ur friends/likerd….or did I miss smth?

  12. The ad driven FB sucks. Log in on your page under your personal account rather than your page to be able to see your friends.

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