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A guest post from Chris Carrier

Let’s start with a brand new Facebook Fan Page (A Butcher in Kent for example), and a chap clicks on the “like” button, Facebook immediately alerts all of his friends via the live feed that “Bob” likes Kent Butchers, curiousty dictates that some of his freinds will follow suit, or at the very least have a look to see why Kent Butchers is different. And once a few people have liked it, Kent Butchers is now put under the nose of thousands of Facebook users, kids, adults and customers.

Here comes the crunch, if “Sarah” has a look at what “Bob” has liked and it is not very engaging, she will more than likely go back to whatever she was doing without clicking on the “like” button (and showing all her friends!). So it is extremely important that the page attracts, engages and excites the new viewer/potential customer, because for all we know “Sarah” may be having a barbeque/dinner party in Folkestone on Saturday.

I won’t even talk about the bad examples, as they are not interesting enough, but the great examples are why you are reading this article . . .

Exciting Facebook Fan Pages:

The first thing a new visitor should see is a landing page, a picture (roughly 500x700px, I find works best), that explains in detail why people should “like” your page, products, services, offers etc. Much better than just wall posts that have no interaction or have been left to go stagnant, excite your viewers, Kent Butchers could use a lovely fresh steak or a succulent pork roast, with information on local hand reared, organic produce, homemade mustards, the list could go on, even writing this I am planning my next trip to the butchers! Be evocative, play to your viewers emotions, and finish it with a strong call to action, such as “Like this page for Exclusive Offers” or “Click like to see our specials”.

Effective Profile Pictures:

Use a profile picture that matches your brand and landing image too, so that people know instantly that it is Kent Butchers, the best size I find for this is 200x300px, drop your logo on it, and some key information, such as email, website and phone numbers. You will be surprised at how a simple setup like this can find you new clients, and all you need to do is pop along from time to time and add an offer or an update about your products.

Interactive Landing Pages:

If you want your viewers to react instantly to your landing page, you can also create an interactive one, with links and buttons that they can click on to visit various promotions and websites. One like this works exactly the same as your website, let’s imagine Kent Butchers has three interactive links, Contact Us, Our Website and Monthly Offers, and each one of these go to a page on his website, instant traffic, and well targetted traffic straight to his special offers, much better than taking his chances on Google. (1,520,00 results for Kent Butchers).

Interactive Landing pages are written in the same code as a majority of standard websites, HTML, and they are very easy to integrate, you add the FBML application (on Facebook) to your Fan Page, copy and paste the HTML code into it, then you create a tab, we will call ours “Kent Butchers” and assign that tab to be the landing page for every new visitor!

Chris Carrier runs a website/graphic design company in the Midlands, and has a passion for WordPress, Design, Old Fashioneds and has 15 years to save for his Aston Martin DB5.
Phone: 01223 969 458

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