Getting a Facebook Fan Page username / vanity URL

Lots of people have set up a vanity URL for their Facebook profile, making it easier for people to remember their Facebook profile address – mine is

But not everyone realises that they can do the same for their Facebook fan page.

Simply visit where you should see the following (with your name replacing mine, of course!)

fbunClicking on the ‘set a username for your Pages’ should bring up a list of any fan pages you are Admin of. Then you can choose your name.

Choose something easy to remember, and relevant to your business. I went for

Remember though, once you’ve chosen it you can’t change it, so choose well!

Also, you can’t get a username until you have 25 fans, so make sure you’re promoting your Facebook fan page well!

There are more details on Vanity URLs / Usernames for Facebook Fan Pages here:

Feel free to post a link to your Fan Page in the comments below – I’m looking for good examples to feature in future blog posts.

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  1. Thanks for the prompt, FB have been messing around with the number of fans you need, and I hadn’t realised that they had returned to 25.


  2. Top Tip. Everyone should set a username for their pages as soon as possible – and keep it memorable. It makes it _so_ much easier to direct people to your page – and for them to find you autonomically!

  3. This is encouraging – I wasn’t sure at first whether Facebook was really the right place for a business presence, but it seems all the big guns are doing it, so if their expensive marketing advisers are on board, then it seems naive not to follow suit.

    Although, now, the word on the street is that Network blogs is the way to go. Any thoughts?

  4. Heather, you can set Networked blogs to feed into your Fan Page – it’s useful in that you don’t have to remember to post your blog posts as links, but i prefer in most cases to control the timing of the blogs being posted, which I can’t do with networked blogs. I do use Networked blogs to promote my blog though 🙂

  5. Really helpful post, thanks – I haven’t reached the magic 25 fans yet, but one of my clients has so I shall set theirs up. My “Jane Brocklebank Marketing” page is currently an unwieldy …

    My client, a family retreat in Cornwall is now

    So much better, thanks Nikki

  6. Thanks, Nikki, for pointing out that the number required for a vanity URL had returned to 25. Last time I looked it was 100, so that prompted me to do a bit of promoting and I went from 6 members to 43 in two days. Small numbers yes but growing …

    I’m beginning to work out how to actually use the page and need to get the Networked blogs feed sorted (which will move me towards writing a proper blog regularly).

    Anyway my fan page is It does make a difference having a URL I can remember as opposed to something structured the way Jane’s used to be!

  7. Hi, I really like the way you have your won Facebook page – nice mix of personal and business. I’ve been reluctant to use Facebook as a business tool in the past but you have won me over.

  8. Hey thanks for the tips. I have taken them into account on my fanpage.

  9. I wish I´d read your advice earlier!
    Through playing around I managed to name my page on facebook but it is linked to my personal page not the fan page for the magazine…. oops!
    Any way I can change it?
    Many thanks for any help


  10. Lisa, the link you’ve given is just a vanity url for your Facebook profile – once you’ve done this you can’t change it, so you’ll have to choose a different one for the fan page unfortunately!

  11. I’ve now got enough fans to rename my page as:

    It’s still long, but that’s down to my name!!

    Thanks again for the post … really useful 🙂

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