Get more fans for your Facebook fan page – post 1 of 2 today!

We’re on a bit of a Facebook Fan page mission here at – it seems that all of a sudden we’re building Fan Pages for clients large and small!

We love to see what others are doing with their Fan Pages, and with this in mind we’ve created the Here’s My Fan Page Fan Page!

Join as a fan, and post details of your fan page so other fans can find it! We’ll spotlight selected pages, post some of the on our other Fan Pages, and generally try to help you out with the gaining of fans.

All we ask in return is that you forward details of this page to your friends and contacts, and encourage them to join!

So please, become a fan, post details of your Fan Page, and help to spread the word!

Here's My Fanpage! on Facebook

And the other Facebook fan page post? Keep checking in or subscribe to the Feedburner feed top right to be alerted to it when it is posted!

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