Get 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven for just £1!

They’ve called me crazy before, but there is method in my madness this time 🙂

When I started writing ebooks way back when (the first being 299 Steps to Website Heaven), I had no real plan, no schedule, and not really much of an idea of what I was doing.

But over the last few months I’ve been writing more and more 30 Day Challenge ebooks, and if I’m honest, I love doing them. I’ve drafted in other authors, co-authors, and we’re even looking at putting some of them into real life print books.

So after a lot of thought I’ve decided I want to build on that 30 Day ‘brand’ (I say brand loosely as I’m obviously not the only one doing 30 Day Challenges!) and keep all of my future ebooks in that stable.

So, I’m retiring 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven (and Website Heaven), in order to concentrate on the 30 Day Challenges and not ‘dilute the brand’ (I know all the lingo you know 😉 )

However, as people are still buying 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven, rather than just abruptly remove it from sale, I’m offering it at just £1 until Monday 12th March 2012, when it will be removed, gone, an ex-ebook 🙂

Whether you’re an accomplished blogger or a complete beginner, you’ll find lots of really useful tips in this great ebook.

As a keen blogger – I’ve learned the hard way and spent lots of time working my way around the various blogging tools that are available. I blog for clients and get really good results. I’m always being asked how I get them – so I decided to put 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven together to answer all the questions.

Don’t worry if you haven’t blogged before – 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven guides you through starting, running and promoting a blog. It’s really straight forward – and puts you in control of promoting yourself and your business.

In the book i talk about:

  • The best blogging platforms
  • How to use categories and tags
  • How to think of things to write about
  • SEO for blogging
  • The secret tip that helps you to appeal to readers AND Google
  • Promoting your blog
  • Getting comments
  • Guest posting and why it’s great
  • and more!

So, if you want to grab a copy while it’s still on sale, pop over to 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven and pick yours up for just a quid.

Goodbye dear ebook, I knew you so well…

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Author of many 30 Day Blogging Challenges, Nikki spends her time helping small businesses with Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. With 17 years of experience, she hasn't yet found someone she couldn't help to get more business from their website.

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