Five Ways to Spice Up Your Email Marketing Strategy

A guest post by Samantha Peters

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Spam is the defining nuisance of online marketing – a mediocre sales gimmick nearly as old as the web itself. Indeed, junk email makes the job of small businesses genuinely wanting to reach out to current and potential customers via this common communications tool that much harder. In order to keep your marketing emails from heading anywhere other than into the trash bin or from destroying your attempts at reputation management, they need to be spiced up a little bit. To do that, adhere to the following:


Your subject line is like the opening sentence of a book. If it’s enticing and interesting, people will want to read on. If it’s dull and repetitive, most folks will pass on reading further. In roughly seven words or less, define the point of your email in the most excitable way possible.


That doesn’t mean that all you need to do is CAPITALIZE EVERY LETTER or throw in sales words like “Free” and “Deal” into your subject. In fact, emails that contain such writing and language usually never make it past spam filters. But even when they make it to an inbox, most people don’t give these cliché phrased emails a second glance. Skip on sales cliches, opt instead for original language.


Whether in the subject or when addressing the recipient, use their name whenever possible. If you’re a laid back sort of enterprise, then stick to the first name. If you’re no-nonsense, use the appropriate Mr., Mrs.,Ms., or Dr. designation. Using the full name, however, stinks of automation and data mining, so personalize with this in mind. Proper personalization goes a long way as far as increasing the chances of an email being opened.


Too often companies send mass-emails from an address such as “” or some other impersonal entity. Whilea marketing firm may advise you against using your personal name for these emails, a real name of any kind is sure to lead to more opens, reads, and results. You will come across as the human you really are – and what’s wrong with that?


When someone participates in a survey or poll you’ve provided via email, follow-up with a phone call or additional email, personally thanking that individual for taking time out of their day to help you help them. Follow with an itemized list of ways in which customer participation in surveys and polls improves your business practices and makes for a better product or service for them.

The effectiveness of email marketing may seem moot in the age of social media. On top of that, years of relentless spam in our inboxes has resulted in a most cynical outlook on email marketing. But with some creative wording, a little respect, and the ability to reach out to those who took the time to respond, you’re sure to spice up an otherwise unwanted email in a customer inbox.

This Guest Post is written by Samantha Peters, an avid blogger who enjoys writing about new marketing tactics and new developments in email marketing strateg

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