Facebook EdgeRank 101: What Is It?

Have you ever wondered if your business page was doing all that it could do on Facebook? What if you could learn exactly how well your business’s Facebook presence compared to those of competitors? It’s not uncommon for more and more businesses to rely on Facebook for advertising. However, you might be shocked when you find out exactly how much Facebook is doing your company justice. If you’ve ever wondered whether your Facebook page was making the grade, there is finally a way to find out.

EdgeRankChecker.com take a bunch of values that help determine how much traffic your Facebook page gets, as well as the likeliness of being visible on a Fan’s news stream. The higher the EdgeRank that your Facebook page scores, the higher the visibility you have. Along with being able to check out how you rank against other businesses, EdgeRankChecker.com also offers some valuable advice on how to improve your visibility.

How useful is EdgeRankChecker.com? It depends. The score that you receive is just an estimate. It could be way off, and the equations that the site used are being constantly tweaked in order to get a better view of how Facebook works. For small businesses which just want a rough estimate of how well their online presence is developing, using EdgeRank is a great tool, and can often inspire some hard work in a company’s marketing department.

However, EdgeRank isn’t actually completely solid data. It is an estimate, and shouldn’t be treated as the be-all and end-all of internet marketing. The reason for this is because Facebook has yet to unveil most of the data that would be necessary in order to get a complete picture of internet visibility on Facebook. That being said, it has some definite niche users who can’t get enough of the program. Company owners who are interested to see how they score, or people who are simply curious about how their Facebook page ranks, will love this short but sweet application. Despite being an estimate, many marketing personnel swear by it.

EdgeRank does have some great perks to its algorithmic studies that should be mentioned. For instance one user was raving about how she “can find out the best days to post” using EdgeRank. Many of the users enjoy using EdgeRank for tips on how to increase internet traffic, and the ability to detect Facebook trends that are specific to your Facebook business site.

Have you checked your rank yet? We were pretty happy to have an Edgerank of 20 – let us know what yours is in the comments below!

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  1. I think Facebook Page administrators already has a tool that can measure new likes, lifetime likes, active monthly / weekly / daily users, and interactions (post views, post feedbacks, and page content feebacks) . How is Edge Rank Checker different from this tool? Or is it completely different?

    With the growing usefulness of Facebook to businessmen and business managers, we need new FB tools that can measure how effective we are in our social media campaigns.
    Amelia @ International Business recently posted..How do I pass on cost savings to my customers and still make a profitMy Profile

  2. Surprised to get an Edgerank of 26 for mine – I suspect it’s got something to do with the page having a relatively low number of ‘likes’.
    Angela Boothroyd recently posted..Phrasal verb: clown aboutMy Profile

  3. … and I only went back to the 1st Jan this year so that might make a difference too…
    Angela Boothroyd recently posted..Phrasal verb: breeze throughMy Profile

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