Do you need content for your blog? Try a Guest Blog from a guest author!

InvitationIt's not always easy finding the time or the ideas for new blog posts, and that's where Guest Bloggers come in. A guest blogger will write a post for your blog that is of interest to your readers, but also promotes them or their services. Usually this means that your guest author would have services or products that are complementary to yours, rather than competitive – after all who wants to openly promote their competitors?

With this in mind, I have a number of guest authors available for blogging opportunities – please drop me a line to if you are interested in guest posts from any of the following:

Skin & Beauty Specialist

For blogs about:

  • skin care
  • skin problems
  • non invasive cosmetic solutions (Botox, Dermaroller etc)
  • beauty
  • aging

Children's Clothes Retailer

For blogs about:

  • children
  • celebrity kids
  • babies
  • children health protection (eyes, ears, from the sun etc)
  • organic clothing
  • niche kids' brands

Telemarketing Expert

For blogs about:

  • telemarketing
  • appointment making
  • lead generation
  • TPS (Telephone Preference Service)
  • data issues

Email Marketing Expert

For blogs about:

  • email marketing
  • follow up marketing
  • email newsletters

In addition, I'm occasionally available for the odd guest post about SEO or Social Media, and can usually fit in with most industries. If you'd like a "Top Ten Ways for [insert your industry here] to use Twitter / Facebook / Blogging (delete as appropriate)" then let me know 🙂

If you have a blog, and you'd like to talk to me about one of the guest bloggers above, please feel free to email me. If you're not sure that one of the above bloggers would fit into your niche, but would like to explore the possibility of guest bloggers, drop me a line, I may have other clients who are a better fit.

Remember, having someone guest post on your blog opens you up to a whole new audience, gives you extra content you don't have to produce yourself, and may even give you ideas of your own for blogging – so what are you waiting for?


Creative Commons License photo credit: Tracy Hunter

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