How to stop Facebook videos playing automatically

stop-facebook-videoYou may have noticed that recently Facebook have implemented a feature where videos uploaded to the site automatically play in your newsfeed, without the need to click on them.

Not only is this annoying, it has potentially costly consequences for mobile users with limited data tariffs. Imagine being charged for downloading data you didn’t even want to see in the first place!

Thankfully the guys at Mobile Geeks have found the solution:

In your browser, click on the small downward pointing arrow on the top right corner of the Facebook page, then scroll down to ‘settings’. Next click ‘Video’ on the bottom left column and you will see your account’s ‘Auto-play Videos’ settings which has a small box allowing you to choose ‘On’ or ‘Off . Select ‘Off’ and videos will not play until you decide to click them.

They also have a mobile solution, but you’ll have to visit their site to find that one out 🙂 Don’t forget to leave them a comment to say thank you!



Think Social Media needs to take up all of your time? Think again!

One of the things I hear the most is how people stay away from social media because they think it will take up too much time, or they stopped ‘doing it’ as it sucked up their time.

This great infographic from Dendrite Park shows that this needn’t be the case. In just an hour a day you could:

  • Curate content
  • Write blog posts
  • Manage Facebook
  • Deal with Twitter
  • Explore Linkedin
  • Add to Google+
  • Use Social Bookmarking
  • Track and measure through Analytics

The accompanying article is well worth a read and might help you to get a handle on the time social media actually takes.


How calls to action work on Social Media

A while ago  I wrote about having a call to action in all blog posts, yet it’s still the number one piece of advice I give out to all mentoring clients.

So it was nice to come across this handy infographic from Dan Zarella showing how a decent call to action can affect all aspects of your social media marketing.

See below how:

  • ASKING people to comment on blogs gets you more comments
  • ASKING people to retweet your Tweets gets you more retweets
  • ASKING people to share on Facebook gets you more shares

Comm0n sense really, but so many people forget their call to action and are missing out on valuable eyeballs because of it.

Your challenge today is to use a call to action in every aspect of your social media marketing, and report in the comments below as to how well it worked for you!



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10 Things to Post on your Facebook Business Page

tweegram(2)It seems so easy – click a few links and hey presto, you have a Facebook business page!

But then comes the hard bit – you need to gain ‘likers’, keep them interested, get them to participate, keep the page going on top of all your other efforts, don’t let it get dull and boring, not be too self promotional – AARRGGHHHH!! How on earth can you think of all that AND run your business?

Well, worry not, here’s a quick list of 10 things you can post on your Facebook Business page to keep it interesting and encourage interaction – feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1) Questions – Update your status each day, but rather than telling people what you’re doing right now, ask them a question. It’s clear by looking at the statuses of people on Facebook (whether individuals or businesses) that asking a question provides a massive response. Let your fans and contacts feel involved – ask them a question related to your business right now.

2) Videos – It doesn’t even have to be your video! It could be a demonstration video from YouTube, a funny video related to your industry, or a music video if you like, but video reaches people that words sometimes don’t. If you have your own video, then even better; either way, break up the monotony of your page with the odd video to keep things interesting.

3) Links to sites other than your own – yes, we know it seems to go against the grain. You started a fan page to promote YOUR business, right? But people soon switch off if your page is nothing more than a list of links to your website, so show them that you’re not just in it for you. Post links to other websites – interesting blogs about your industry, funny stories, news items, even (gasp!) competitors sites occasionally. If some of these sites belong to your fans too, then you’ll inspire loyalty and may get the same in return!

4) Requests for more fans – ask your fans to use the ‘share’ button or the ‘suggest to friends’ link to share your page’s details with their friends on Facebook. It may not have occurred to them to do so, and if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

5) Links to discussions on your wall – if one of your posts isn’t getting the responses you want, it may be that people just aren’t noticing it! Post links to interesting discussions on your Business Page wall, and ASK THEM TO COMMENT!

6) Photos & pictures – again, a great way to break up the relentless words of a business page, photos tell your fans more about you and your business. Post pictures of your premises, your customers, your products or services, diagrams, cartoons, in fact anything that you have that is related to your business.

7) Links to your blog – If you use a plugin, you can do this automatically, but even if you don’t, when you post a new blog, link to it from your Business page – encourage comments and contributions – remember, no asking, no getting 🙂

8) Events – use the events tab to post details of time sensitive special offers, open days, launch days and more. It’s an often forgotten tab but can be very useful if you think about it a little differently 😉

9) Notes – the notes tab can be used for lots of different things; mini blog posts, testimonials, quotes, thoughts – anything that is too big to be put as a status update. It’s another way to add extra interest to your fan page

10) Thanks you to your fans – if your fans are interacting, then it’s worth taking the time out to post a public thank you to them every so often. You can do this by posting a status update and referencing certain fans by prefacing their names with an ‘@’ sybmol. You could go one further and offer prizes or giveaways to a couple of fans per month, given to those who interact the most and the best.

So there you have it – a quick and dirty list of ways to keep your Facebook Business Page interesting. Without interaction and interest, a page quickly becomes nothing more than a list of links, with no intrinsic valu whatsoever. Don’t let your Business page fade away!

No time to sort out your business page? Stuck for what to post? Fans not interacting or even following you? We might be able to help – check out our Free Facebook Business page offer.

How can I get more people to see my posts on my Facebook Business Page?

screenshotfbpageThe recent news that Facebook is reducing the visibility of posts on Business Pages has had the small business community in uproar.

I’ve seen people deciding to give up their Business Page, ranting about Facebook, worrying that all their hard work will now go to waste, and more.

It appears that posts made on Business pages could now reach as little as 2% of ‘likers’ – I have almost 2500 likes, so this means that my posts could potentially only reach 50 people each time I post. For someone with only a few hundred likers, this number would be in single figures – hardly inspiring is it?

However, there is an answer. It involves a little work on the part of the Business Page owner, but it’s worth it in the long run if you want to make the most of your page without paying for promoted posts.

Currently your posts will only appear in the newsfeed of a small percentage of your likers. But did you know that your likers can CHOOSE to see your posts and be notified when you post? That’s personal choice and Facebook can’t get around that.

The problem is that most Facebook members don’t know about this facility so you’re going to have to tell them.

How do my Likers get notified?

When someone likes a page, a drop down box appears:

getnotifiedIf your liker clicks the ‘Get notifications’ option, a tick will appear next to it, and any post you make will appear in their notifications along with details of friends posts and updates. It’s THAT simple!

So what’s the catch?

Well, you’re going to have to let your current and future likers know. Which means individual messages to each of them, either telling them this or pointing them to this blog post (I recommend the latter 😉 ) It’s going to take time if you have a lot of likers, and not everyone will take you up on the offer, but it’s definitely worth doing if it helps you to increase your reach.

What should I say?

A simple message saying something like this should do:

Hi, as you know, Facebook have changed their rules recently so that even if you like my business page you may not see updates. However, there is a way that you can ensure you see my posts – simply click on the ‘Like’ button and when the drop down menu appears, tick ‘Get notifications’. For more info on this please see

A few of these messages sent out a day should see your potential reach increase massively.

I don’t have time for that!

You could use a VA to do this, or someone like me. I’m offering this service as a part of my ‘Let me show you Facebook can work for you – for free!‘ offer. I’d recommend sending out 20 or so a day and monitoring your insights to see how your reach has increased.

Please do share this post on your Business Page, and other Social Media, so all small businesses can see how to get around this.

And of course you can Like my Business Page and follow me on Twitter 🙂

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How to grow viral sharing and visibility on Facebook

If you run a Facebook Business page, one of the biggest challenges you probably face is getting people to share and interact with your content. How many times have you posted something only to see the virtual tumbleweed blowing across your page?

This infographic gives some good advice on how to increase the sharing and visibility of your content – thanks to for putting it together.


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Would you like an hour of a Social Media Marketing Specialist’s time?


Telephone (Photo credit: plenty.r.)

*** STOP PRESS *** First 10 places gone – price now increased to £50 for next 10 places!

I ran this service a while ago, and it went really well, but time constraints and lack of internet stability meant I had to stop – but I’m back!

Nikki’s Social Media Marketing Telephone Mentoring

It’s easy to read generic information, advice and tips about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, SEO, Pinterest etc, but it’s not so easy to apply this specifically to your own website.

And while you’re spending all of your time learning and practising the new skills you’ve learned, who is running your business?

While I fully believe it’s possible to learn everything you need to know just by reading, sometimes you need a little extra help.

Imagine if someone could advise you:

  • How many times a day to post to Facebook
  • How to get interaction on Twitter
  • How best to direct people to your blog
  • What could be improved in your SEO
  • What you’re not doing with LinkedIn that you could be
  • When you should be posting to Pinterest
  • as well as answering any questions you have
  • and more!

Well that’s what this service is for!

In a one hour phone call with me, Nikki Pilkington, you’ll learn all the above and more. You’ll also get a follow up email detailing everything we’ve spoken about, as well as suggesting 5 blog post titles you should be writing.

In addition you’ll have email or Facebook chat access to me for 2 weeks afterwards.

OK, I need your help, how much?

In the future I will be £75 per call for this service, but as I’ve not offered the service for a while, the next 10 people to sign up and book their call will get this fantastic service for just £50.

£50 for 19 years of internet marketing knowledge.

£50 for a personalised plan of action.

£50 for 14 days access to me.

£50 to find out where you’re going wrong, and how to put it right.

You’ve probably spent more than £50 of your time just reading and testing the things you’ve read, right?

I’m in – how do I book?

Using the Paypal link below, you can book your session. Upon completion of payment, you will be returned to our calendar where you can book your call at a time of your choosing.

Remember, the next 10 only will be £50 – after that the price will revert to £75. So book now and let’s get your social media marketing and SEO back on track!

So, what does a page have to do to get banned from Facebook?

As some of you will know, I’ve recently been the victim of a vile slur, which has propogated to some pretty nasty places on the Internet. I’ve been threatened on Neo Nazi websites, receeived hundreds and hundreds of threats and insults, had my Facebook Business page overrun with illiterate rants and had my home, livelihood and children threatened.

Luckily I didn’t let it get to me too much, but the person or people behind this contine to threaten other people; people who aren’t as blase about it.

Just yesterday on this foul page, a contact of mine was accused of child molestation and murder. It was enough to drive her and her family to tears, and for her to threaten to remove her Facebook profiles. Luckily, with the support of her friends, she’s rallying round and ready to fight back.

On another page, the stories about me and my daughter Leigh were reposted, along with another accusing someone else of being a paedophile (and posting his telephone number).

And then this page appeared – the lovingly named ‘Nonce Watch‘. On this page another nasty accusation against a guy who has done nothing wrong.

dougieNow, Maddie is in the news again recently, so this would pique the interest of lots of people. Did Dougie say this? No, I have no doubt that he didn’t. It’s just another attack – in fact Dougie had been threatened only hours earlier that the admin of Nonce Watch would ‘make his life hell’.

So, surely Facebook would delete the post, if not the page?

Many of my contacts and I reported the above pages as harrassment, amongst other things. The image above is clearly harrassment, right?

Facebook think not:

nonceGee, thanks Facebook.

Then it gets worse…

My daughter shares my fighting spirit, and posted links to my original blog on this subject on the posts on the ‘Alex Wood‘ page (which by the way we believe is run by Joshua Bonehill and not indeed Alex Wood, although who knows).

Here are some of ‘Alex’s’ responses to Leigh:


Surely harrassment, no? This isn’t the first time ‘Mr Wood / Bonehill’ has resorted to this (this is another fabricated slur he posted and I replied to with a link to my blog):

shagUnfortunately I was banned from the page before I could take him up on his eloquent offer… 😉

Again, many people reported the page to Facebook, and each and every one of us had the same response as above.

To my mind, both of these pages are clearly set up purely to harrass the enemies of Joshua Bonehill – it’s not just Leigh, Maggie and I, it’s many other innocent people who are having their reputations slurred on the Internet, and Facebook are aiding and abetting this by not taking it seriously.

Why bother having a ‘report this page’ facility if they then ignore the contents of a reported page or post?

I realise that Facebook is free, and we’re a country that believes in free speech; but I can’t stand idly by while people (whether I know them or not) are consistently hounded on the 5+ new pages that spring up a day.

I’d appeal to everyone to report the 3 pages detailed in this blog post, I’ll be writing a full post on how to report a page later today so look out for it!

In conclusion, Facebook needs to tighten up its reporting reviewing facility and start taking this seriously before someone gets hurt.

Have you had success in getting a page or post removed? Or is your experience similar to the one recounted here? I’d love to hear your point of view – please comment below 🙂


*** Edited to add***

Mr Wood’s response:

parklifeMy response:

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Who’s in charge of your Facebook business page?

It seems like a no-brainer, right? Obviously YOU’RE in charge of your Facebook Business Page… aren’t you?

But it’s not that simple. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you ever outsourced your Facebook Business Page updates to someone else?
  • Did an employee who has now left ever do the updates?
  • Was the page set up for you by someone else?

You see, I manage over 50 Facebook pages for current clients, and in my time have managed over 50 for clients who have then gone on to take the management on themselves, once they understood the principles.

Yet, looking through my Page Management list last night, I see that of the pages I am currently admin for, 15 or so are ex clients.

What I’m saying is that I have admin rights on 15 sites that I really shouldn’t have. I could post anything I like to those pages, and it would seem as if it’s coming from the page owners.

Of course, *I* wouldn’t do that, and over the next couple of days I’ll be removing myself as admin on those pages.

But would a disgruntled ex employee or a sacked contractor be so magnanimous (for want of a better word)?

Remember, everything posted from your page looks as if it comes from you, whether it does or not.

Add in to that simple human error – maybe your page is still listed in their Hootsuite or Buffer account and they post to your page by accident – and it could be a PR minefield.

I’d advise all Facebook Business Page owners to take a few minutes to see who is admin on their pages and remove anyone who shouldn’t be there right now.

How do I find out who is admin on my Facebook Business Page?

First, navigate to your page and click on the ‘Edit Page’ button:

1From the drop down box choose ‘Edit Admin Roles’

This will give you a list of people who are admin – now on my page it’s just me:

2If your page has more than just you, and that shouldn’t be the case, then you need to remove the others.

How do I remove admins that shouldn’t be there?

Using a page I should no longer be admin on, I’m going to sho you how to remove admins 🙂

From the ‘edit admin roles’ link, I get this (I’ve removed identifying features of the page to protect the innocent 😉 :

3See that X to the right of my name? If I click on that, and press ‘save’ (bottom left) there will then be a pop up box asking me to confirm my password:


Once your password is in and confirmed, the admin (or manager) you want removed will be gone. It’s that simple!

So, take a few minutes today to find out just how secure your Facebook Business Page is!

Want to become one of the 50+ clients I manage Facebook pages for, building likes, encouraging interaction and shares, and posting to regularly? Check out my First Week Free Facebook Management offer now!

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How do I report a Facebook page for abuse?

Sometimes it happens… you see an aggressive or abusive message on a Facebook page or group, you’ve been attacked by one, or something you see just doesn’t sit right with you – so what do you do?

Well, you could sit and moan, shout at the screen, call your mum, or you could… REPORT that page.

Facebook has a facility that allows you to report a page or a post and in this blog post I’m going to tell you how to do it, and tell you my experiences.

So, let’s take a page – I’m going to use the British Democratic Defence League page as an example because they recently attacked me and I (and others) successfully had the posts removed.

If you dislike a page as a whole (and I have no thoughts for or against this one apart from where they used me as a pawn) then the process is simple.

First of all look top right on the page and see the cog symbol:


When you click on this you get a drop down box which shows:

2As you can see, ‘Report Page’ has been highlighted. Click on this and you get an array of options:



Now, we can all be sure that “I just don’t like it” and “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” are putting us on a hiding to nowhere, so ignore those options.

In my case it was “It’s harrassing me or someone I know” so i’m going to continue using this as an example (I’ll use another example in ‘reporting a post’ later).

Clicking on that gives us this:


Now, don’t think that ‘getting help from someone you trust’ is what you need. You need to tick that report to Facebook box right now.

Then you’ll get this:


And you won’t hear anything for a couple of days.

If you’re lucky the page will disappear and you’ll get a message about this, but in my experience this is VERY unlikely.

The answer?

The fact that you’re a little bit miffed is more likely to do with a post than the entire page, so start small – from little acorns great oak trees grow, right?

So, find a post (yes I know there may be more than one but you can report each one individually) that you’re unhappy with and let’s report that!

Firstly locate the time that the post was made and right click the downwards facing arrow to the right of it:


See that ‘Report / mark as spam’?

Click on that.
You’d be forgiven for thinking that’s it, as no fanfare is made, but look out for this box:


It’s not the easiest to see but it’s there.

Click on the ‘Report’ link and you see this:


Now this bit isn’t obvious… if you click ‘I don’t think it should be on Facebook’ you get a generic reply. Ditto if you click ‘It’s spam’.

Don’t be disheartened – if you click on ‘I don’t like this photo of me’ then you get this:


This gives you a little bit more to play with.

HOWEVER it gets a little more interesting if you click on ‘Other’:


From here it’s pretty self explanatory I would hope.  There are sometimes other options such as hate crime, incitement to violence and other options, but just go with what you think.

So what will happen?

Honestly? The chances are that firstly you’ll get this:


Now, I don’t know whether Facebook actually review the pages the first time you report them, as every single page I have reported has had this response. I suspect it is an automated process, and they hope you’ll go away.

But, there is still hope – you can give Facebook feedback on the post and extra information using the link provided, and this allows you to go into more detail about the issue. It seems that an actual person then reviews the page or post you have complained about and, if they agree, remove it.

It’s easy to give up at the first hurdle, but by reporting posts and pages (and encouraging your connections to do the same) that are harmful or hurting people, maybe, just maybe, we can help people out and make Facebook a nicer place for them to be.


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