How to create linkbait in 5 easy steps [infographic]

To a lot of bloggers, linkbait is the ultimate dream.

What is linkbait?

In its simplest form, it’s a blog post that generates lots of incoming links. It could be controversial, education, funny, informative or a mixture of those things. The idea is that the more links in, the more traffic, the better the search engine placements, and the more likely you are to make money / generate leads from it.

How do I create linkbait?

Well, that’s the thing – sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes an innocuous blog post can turn into linkbait without you even thinking about it, and sometimes your well planned (or so you think) viral post will just be a damp squib.

The fab Voltier Creative have created this great infographic to talk you through creating, generating, measuring and tweaking linkbait – if you give it a go I’d love to hear from you. (Click on the image to see the full size version)

Created By Voltier Creative Voltier Creative

How to make your new iFrame tab the default landing page [#30dayFB]

A quickie from me – a few of you on the 30 Day Facebook Challenge have asked this, so I’ll update the course and ebook, but I figured a post here would help others too.

Once you have created your custom welcome tab, how do you make it the default landing page for your Business page?

Having made it look all nice, and used it to encourage people to ‘like’ your page, you want to make sure people see it, right.

OK, it’s easy 🙂

Go to “Edit page” while on your Facebook Business page.

You should see this screen:

See where it says ‘Default landing tab’? Mine says ‘Hello’ which means that the default page my visitors will see is my Hello tab, which encourages them to like the page. If you drop that box down, you sould be able to see yours, and make your funky new tab the default landing page.

Does this help? If so, please spread the word about the 30 Day Facebook Challenge ebook so more people can make their Business Pages better 🙂

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Want to make £60 for doing next to nothing?

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

Image by via Flickr

Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? But one of our affiliates did just that in less than 3 weeks last month.

OK, £20 a week isn’t going to set the world alight, but it’s better than nothing, I’m sure you’ll agree!

So what did he do to make this magnificent amount of money?


1) He signed up to our affiliate program, to sell our ebooks

2) He emailed his newsletter list, recommending our last book, the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

3) He updated his Facebook page, recommending our latest ebook, the 30 Day Facebook Challenge

4) He added details of our 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven to his email signature, and posted about it on his blog

5) He let everyone he knows know that 299 Steps to Website Heaven is available for just £3

That’s it! It probably took about 20 minutes all told, and he’ll continue getting affiliate payments every month while his links do all the work and sell for him.

Like I said, it’s not a life changing amount of money, but it’s better than nothing and might pay for a night out once a month – so what are you waiting for? Sign up as an affiliate now and get started!

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Research Keyphrases for Better Business Blogging

If your blog is a business blog then the chances are you’re hoping to promote your products or services, and get more sales, right?

Well the great thing about blogs is that they do well in Google, IF you think about how you’re blogging.

You may already know the keyphrases you’re aiming to get good results for on your website, so let’s translate that info into your blogs.

Today, instead of writing a blog, pop over to the Google Keyword Tool and type in your keyphrases to see what other variations come up.

Pick a few of these variations and start thinking how you can incorporate them into your blog titles and copy.

In the 30 Day Blogging Challenge Ebook I talk about the structure of a blog that is written to do well in the search engines, but for that you’ll need to buy the book 😉

Now, don’t just choose generic phrases that have lots of searches – think carefully about this – you want targeted relevant traffic to your blog, right? So think targeted and niche, not generic and widespread.

For example:

Generic phrases:



tax returns



kids clothes

business advice

Targeted phrases:

plumbers in berkshire

advice from accountants

last minute tax returns

mothers’ day gifts 2011

low cost hotels in bristol

designer kids clothes

local business advice and help

You can get some great traffic and quick wins on search engines by using less generic phrases.

I cover this in depth in 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven.

Also consider downloading my free 67 Tips on Blogging for SEO.

Your challenge today is to find a handful of useful phrases you could use in your blogging.

This is an extract from the latest Nikki Pilkington ebook The 30 Day Blog Challenge – kickstarting your blogging in just 30 days – get it now while it’s still only a fiver!

What they’re saying about the 30 day blogging challenge from

Have you joined the #30dayblog Blogging challenge yet?


Find out more here: Nikki Pilkington 30 Day Blogging Challenge or see the 30 Day Blogging Challenge ebook.

Here’s what’s being said:

Hi Nikki, I just wanted to say I’m loving #30dayblog, it’s actually forcing me to bother to write something. I’m running behind and have only got to day three so far and I might miss out the guest post one as I did one recently but it’s certainly been challenging. But I’m now getting equal hits to the blog as our homepage, which has never happened before!

It took Nikki’s ’30 Day Blogging Challenge’ to start me writing blog posts. I appreciate the importance of the momentum in writing day after day. Nikki shows how to shape the content so it is relevant online. Last year I did a blog challenge and found it really hard to keep up. We got daily emails with great suggestions but in the end it was always my own choice as to what I blogged about. I just about managed it!

Nikki’s 30 day blog challenge is different, as it’s very structured. Nikki tells us exactly what she wants us to think about and write. When I read the instructions I wonder first how I am going to do it … and then surprise myself that it is easier than thought. I feel I’m learning a lot more about blog writing this time, so thank you, Nikki!

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your awesome 30 day blogging challenge. I often struggle to find new topics for blogs but since signing up for your daily tips I have managed to write 4 in one day! Thank you for the inspiration, I will continue to use your tips even after the 30 day challenge has ended.

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge is still only £3, so sign up now!

Nikki’s 30 Day Blog Challenge forced me to write posts – sometimes one that were outside my comfort zone. Me? Write for another blog? No way! Well I did and loved it!

Whilst I will confess I didn’t manage all of the challenge (sorry Nikki), part of the reason was due to the extra enquiries and projects it has generated. So if you’re thinking about blogging, give the challenge a try – you won’t regret doing it. You might regret NOT doing it though 🙂

The main question is ‘Does it work’ and it’s an emphatic YES. Traffic to my blog was non-existent, but within a few days of blogging regularly the traffic increased massively – from 400 hits in a year to 600 hits in a month!

If you are serious about becoming a better blogger and have around 30 minutes a day to devote to blogging and reading other blogs then this a challenge that you will not regret taking part in, and most importantly it’s a lot of fun

If you’re impatient like me, get all 30 days plus extras in a handy ebook for just a fiver – 30 Day Blogging Challenge ebook.

See some of our 30 Day Bloggers on Twitter:

One good reason NOT to feed your tweets into Facebook

There are many good reasons, but here’s one that should make you think.

When you feed your tweets directly into your Facebook stream, the chances are the majority of people aren’t seeing them. due to the way that Facebook ‘stacks’ feeds from the same outside app.

For example, see here:

Ida is lucky – I got to see her tweet 🙂

But 87 more people have theirs hidden. That’s 87 posts from Twitter that I will only see if I click the link.

Needless to say, I’m unlikely to click the link 🙂

Looking at my Facebook stream now I can see 4 other examples of ‘stacking’ – each with between 15 and 90 posts ‘hidden’ from me. One of them could be yours…

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Why am I suddenly getting so much spam on my WordPress blog even though Akismet is installed?

I awoke this morning to many irate emails from clients and over 400 spam comments to be moderated on my own blog – what on earth had happened?

Off I went to check, and Akismet seemed to be installed properly, and there were no alerts. Hmm, further investigation needed. A quick post on Twitter and others were having the same problem!

Off to look at Akismet configuration I went – and I found this:

Along with a link to the Akismet site to get an API key.

Clicking on the link took me to – where it now appears that for a business site they want you to pay $5 a month to use Akismet. Now I’m not bothered about this – I run a business site, Akismet works well and I’m happy to pay.

The plans vary depending on how many sites you have (click on image for larger version):

As I’ve said, I’m happy to pay, and $5 a month is nothing compared to the time it took me to get rid of the spam this morning, but I would have liked some warning, if this is indeed the reason behind the sudden switching off of Akismet. (There is a free/donation option for personal sites)

Anyway, if you suddenly have loads of spam comments, this could be the reason why – were you deluged this morning?

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The Nikki P 30 Day Blogging Challenge is here!

The Challenge Trophy

Image via Wikipedia

The whole world seems to be blogging these days, and it can often seem as if you’re being left behind. You can’t think of things to blog about, your forget to update, you don’t have enough time, or you just don’t ‘get it’.

My 30 Day Blogging Challenge is here to help!

Every day for 30 days you’ll receive an email with a blogging challenge – it could be a specific topic, and idea, or something to include in your blog. It could be something to help your SEO, increase readership or encourage comments. It could be something completely different 😉

The emails are short, easy to understand, and I’m on the end of an email or a Tweet (@nikkipilkington) if you need any help.

This was a free course for the first 750 to sign up, but now we’ve reached that threshold it’s just £3 – that’s around 10p per day for a great boost to your blog!

Impatient like me? Get all 30 days’ challenges, plus a whole host of extras in a handy downloadable ebook  for just £5

Happy to get one a day and miss out on the extras? Subscribe now for just £3 using the Paypal link below:


299 Steps to Blogging Heaven … on Kindle!

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

We’re thrilled to let you know that the fantastic 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven is now available on Kindle via and!

If you’re not getting the best results from your blogging, or just think you could be doing it better, then 299 Steps is the ebook for you!

In it I tell you:

  • How many times a month do you need to blog?

  • How do you get people to read them – and comment?

  • What should you be writing about?

Whether you’re an accomplished blogger or a complete beginner, you’ll find lots of really useful tips in this great ebook.

So, if you part with your hard-earned cash (not much though) what will you get?

Lots of step by step guides, hints and tips to make your blog stand out from the crowd. You’ll find out:

  • Plugins and additions to make life easier

  • Time saving hints and tips

  • The best way to write blogs

  • How to word titles to get more clicks

  • Ways of encouraging comments so your blog doesn’t look like the Marie Celeste

  • and more!

PLUS from the moment you download your copy you’ll also have email access to me to ask questions – your own personal blog consultant!

You can buy it from here

Or from here

Just want the plain old PDF version? You can still get that here 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Power up your blogging today!




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You mean you don’t have an eCommerce site yet?


A guest post by Matt Chatterley of MattchedIT Ltd – thanks Matt 🙂


Over the last few years (or perhaps more accurately, months), we’ve watched the way we interact with each other online change drastically through facebook, twitter and various other less-known services and tools. But how many of us have really sat down and studied the impact these changes could have on our businesses?

Once upon a time it was hard to set up an online shop. They were few and far between and they were major undertakings. That certainly isn’t the case now – we have the technology, you might say.

It’s probably harder to choose the solution you want to use – or to find a reputable developer amongst the masses – than it is to actually go through the motions of planning, implementing and opening your store.

Sadly, many would-be virtual shop-keepers learn a hard lesson shortly after they open – although laying the foundations and opening a shop is pretty simple, making sales is something else entirely.

Marketing is a serious business

You’re reading my scribblings on Nikki Pilkington’s blog – so you must already know that she is well known in Internet Marketing circles, for all the right reasons. I’m sure she and I will agree on this point – the toughest job which lays before you with your shiny new online shop is going to be bringing in customers and making sales.

I don’t mean to gloss over the importance of making sure your website is going to make sales – that’s clearly critical too, but you need an audience before you can even find out if it’s laid out in a manner which will tempt them to buy.

Instead of telling you about the importance of a marketing plan or about all the things you should be doing, I’m going to suggest some ideas for your site itself – some of the things which we are busy incorporating into the in-house eCommerce framework which we use to build sites.

Three ways to engage customers, get referrals and to save those sales!

Engage Customers – There is so much you can do to increase the level of customer engagement your site permits.

Sure, it might make recommendations for similar products – thats nothing new. But how about sending an existing customer a quick tweet when you add a new product the system thinks they’d like, based on their past purchases?

Hi @you! A new book has been published by @your_favourite_author..”

Get Referrals – If you can get your customers to recommend you to their friends, particular over social media, you’ll be tapping into one of the most powerful and effective marketing resources in the world. Perhaps you could offer a discount code if they perform enough “social shares” – or you could issue them with an affiliate code and hand out a share of the cash if one of their friends makes a purchase.

A recommendation from a friend is always going to be stronger than any advertisement you can issue yourself!

Save those Sales – don’t you hate it when the product you want is out of stock? Particularly if it’s a high demand item – by the time an email notification of new stock arrives, the odds are it’ll be sold out again. So why not return to twitter, facebook and other “instant gratification” messaging services?

Get it right and not only will you be able to make your customer feel important with their notification – you might draw in a few of their followers, too!

Social Networking is for life, not just for this year

Perhaps I should say “Social Marketing” rather than “Social Networking”. It’s not going anywhere – and it’s only going to get more important. Sure, like anything online, it’s going to change quickly and we’re all going to have to run to keep up at times, but fortune favours the brave!

That’s why as we push ahead with our development schedule, finding new ways to integrate with and get the most out of social networks is going to remain high on our list of priorities. Is it on yours yet? And if not, why not?

Matt Chatterley is an experienced software developer and one of the directors of Mattched IT Ltd, a web development company based in Hampshire which specialises in providing tailor-made web and software solutions to the business market.

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