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If there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s that Facebook will change things regularly whether we like it or not.

And let’s be fair,  that’s their prerogative – they give us a platform we can use for nothing to promote our businesses – it amazes me how many people forget that!
So, new timeline is coming for Facebook pages, in one fell swoop wiping out the good work that’s been done with landing pages, changing the game yet again – are you ready for it?
In good news you can use that fab cover photo to promote more of your services; that can’t be bad, right?
In other not so good news now there’s no real incentive for people to ‘Like’ your page as you can’t encourage them as easily as you could with landing tabs.
I’ll be interested to see how this one plays out if I’m honest.
If you want to make the most of your Facebook Business Page, then the following blog posts are worth a read:
  • The death of the default landing tab
    As I’ve said, default landing pages will be of no use anymore, but this blog post has some good points about why you shouldn’t really worry about that. The upshot is that most of your traffic comes from your items in people’s news streams, so concentrate on great content and you should be fine.
  • Facebook EdgeRank – what is it?
    Have you ever wondered what makes your Facebook posts show up where they do? Or how you compare to your competitors on Facebook? This article will shed some light and give you something to play with.
Facebook can be great for business, and it’s well worth giving it a go if you’ve poo-pooed it before now – check out our 30 Day Facebook Challenge if you need a bit of help!
Happy Facebooking!

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Facebook roundup for Facebook business users

Item 5: Example of a Custom Page on Facebook

Image by OnTask via Flickr

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Facebook recently, so here’s a roundup of some Facebook posts on this blog that may help you!

Hopefully you’ve found something to help in there, but if you have a different question please feel free to post it in the comments or Tweet me @nikkipilkington!

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The 30 Day Challenges now have their own website!

With the success of the 30 Day Challenges I’ve been running recently, and the fact that there are LOADS more in the pipeline, I wanted to move them away from this site, as it was beginning to be taken over!

So I’m happy to report that the Challenges now have their own site – you can see it here –> 30 Day Challenges.

The new site carries the same branding as this one, but is a much better place to focus on the Challenges, and blog posts related to them.

You can find the Challenge you need, join either the email challenge or buy the ebook, and sign up to get info on future Challenges – I’d highly recommend signing up as we have a lot of challenges coming up and I’d hate you to miss out!

Pop on over now and let me know what you think!

The 30 Day SEO Challenge is here!

It’s been great seeing you all do so well on our 30 Day Blogging Challenge, 30 Day Facebook Challenge, and sign up for the soon to be launched 30 Day Adwords Challenge, and so on August 1st 2011 we launched the challenge you’ve all been asking for – The 30 Day SEO Challenge!

The 30 Day SEO Challenge from Nikki Pilkington

In this Challenge you’ll learn about:

  • Finding the right keyphrases
  • Making META tags work for you
  • Why Titles matter
  • How to get front page Google listings and keep them
  • Whether link building campaigns are worth it
  • How to get links to your site that really make a difference
  • and more!

Alongside the Challenge is a brand new ebook – which is priced pretty reasonably we think at just £8.

Should I get the ebook or sign up for the email course?

That depends on how impatient you are 🙂

The email course will be free for the first 100 signups – after that it will be chargeable.

The ebook contains everything that’s in the course, plus a fair few extras – resources and articles that will help you – and more access to me if you need it 🙂

OK I want the ebook

Just pop over to our ebook store to pick it up – have a look at some of our other challenge ebooks while you’re there!

OK I want the email course

Cool – we reached 100 free signups pretty quickly, so I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat on that one.  However, we’re going to do things a little differently on the paid signups for this one 🙂 Instead of me telling you what to pay, you can make a donation. Minimum is £1, maximum is whatever you like. I would say if you were thinking of paying over £8 though you’d be better off getting the book 🙂 You can donate using the Paypal button below.

Things to note: Once you have paid, Paypal will route you to a page where you sign up to the emails – please wait for this to happen, or you won’t be added to the course, then you’ll email me in a grump 🙂



How to make your new iFrame tab the default landing page [#30dayFB]

A quickie from me – a few of you on the 30 Day Facebook Challenge have asked this, so I’ll update the course and ebook, but I figured a post here would help others too.

Once you have created your custom welcome tab, how do you make it the default landing page for your Business page?

Having made it look all nice, and used it to encourage people to ‘like’ your page, you want to make sure people see it, right.

OK, it’s easy 🙂

Go to “Edit page” while on your Facebook Business page.

You should see this screen:

See where it says ‘Default landing tab’? Mine says ‘Hello’ which means that the default page my visitors will see is my Hello tab, which encourages them to like the page. If you drop that box down, you sould be able to see yours, and make your funky new tab the default landing page.

Does this help? If so, please spread the word about the 30 Day Facebook Challenge ebook so more people can make their Business Pages better 🙂

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