BT Tradespace – 10 out of 10 for Online Reputation Management

A few days ago I posted a blog entry titled Places to find Nikki Pilkington – not because I imagine that the world and his dog cares about where to find me, but in response to fairly regular emails and because I had run out of things to say 🙂

In it I mentioned BT Tradespace and commented that i used to use them a lot, but as the system had slowed down I had stopped. 3 days later I rceeived a comment on the blog post from  Alex, the Head of Technology and operations at BT Tradespace. I’ve conversed with Alex in the past and now he is always open to new ideas and thoughts.

Today I received another comment on the blog, this time from Antonio, the impressively named Chief Architect of BT Tradespace.

What struck me is that this is an impressive piece of Online Reputation Management – my criticism of BT Tradespace amounted to only a few words, and they could have ignored it and hoped it wouldn’t affect anyone’s perception of them. They could have responded defensively and aggressively, as I have seen other companies do.

But they didn’t. instead they took the time to respond in a very friendly and appreciative manner, and to let me knwo the steps they were taking to fix the issues.

THAT’S what online reputation management is about and for that alone i’m giving BT Tradespace 10 out of 10.

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Author of many 30 Day Blogging Challenges, Nikki spends her time helping small businesses with Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. With 17 years of experience, she hasn't yet found someone she couldn't help to get more business from their website.


  1. Thanaks for the post.

    It definitely takes guts for a compnay like to BT to go “naked” in their conversations with customers — as in

    regardless fo who you are — customers are the single most precious thing we have. Be honest. Be engaging. Be conversational. Be transparent.
    Good things like this will happen.

  2. Take at look at at ‘Show and Sell’ website it’s absolutely brilliant and a must have for any Tradespacer!!!! Better than anything tradespace is offering at the moment.Can’t tell you what an impact it’s made to my business!

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