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If you’ve got a small business and an Internet presence and you’re not already blogging, it can only be for one reason. You must be unaware of the terrific results and benefits that blogging brings to businesses all across the world.

In a study, over 1500 SMEs were polled as to whether they blogged or not. Roughly 50% said Yes, and 50% said No. But the results of the study were a complete no-brainer. The 50% that blogged received a brilliant 55% more visitors, a phenomenal 97% more inbound links and a whopping 434% more search engine indexed pages.

This means when a small business blogs, it gets impressive results. It gets more traffic, and this means more potential customers. It gets more links from other websites, which meansSEO points all round. It gets its blog pages indexed, which means that there’s even more chance of getting found through a Search Engine.

But what if you’re not a ‘natural’ blogger? What if you struggle to find things to write about? Or what if you’re writing, writing, writing, but not seeing any results?

That’s where I come in.

With my Blog Mentoring service, you get the experience of someone who actually does business through and because of blogs, a holding hand to help guide you through the blogging maze, and blogging help on tap each and every day.

There’s no point to blogging if it’s not bringing you business.

I’m a big believer that all of your marketing should be bringing in business, whether blogging, Facebook, SEO, Twitter, Article Marketing, Adwords, whatever. If it’s not, then it’s wasted time and money.

So I’m taking on just SIX people; I can’t realistically give my time to any more.


What does a blog mentor do?


  • Critique your blog from the inside out and suggest changes
  • Send you emails every day with ideas of things to blog about
  • Critique your blog posts before you publish them
  • Make sure they’re SEOed to the max!
  • Help you to promote them via my own Social Media channels
  • Find you places to guest blog
  • and more!
In fact I’ll do pretty much everything except write the blogs for you 🙂
I want you to be successful, to bring in potential clients, and essentially make money from your blogs. I’ll be available on email or Skype chat during working hours, and once a week we’ll have a catch up chat on the phone to talk things through.


This is not an easy way out for you!
I’ll expect you to work hard, and implement my suggestions, and I’ll call you to task if you don’t. I’m in this to make money for you, and I’ll only take on SIX people who are focused and dedicated to making the most of their business blog.
Is that you?
If it is, and you want to kickstart your business blog today, then sign up using the Paypal link below – the price depends on the length of time you sign up for, and I’m only holding these prices until October 1st 2011. Be one of the lucky six and sign up now! Questions? Drop me an email to


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