Become a Nikki Pilkington ebook Affiliate

Woohoo! You want to become an affiliate for one or all of our Internet Marketing ebooks? That’s fab! You can do this here.

Things you need to know:

  • Our affiliate program is run via E-Junkie
  • You need a Paypal account to be paid
  • We pay all outstanding balances on the first working day of the month
  • You’ll get 25% of the value of each sale (At £5, 25% is £1.25 per sale) – OK, so that’s not much if you only sell a couple, but it soon adds up!

Some quick ideas on where to promote your affiliate link:

  • On your Facebook profile
  • On your Facebook business page
  • On Twitter
  • In your newsletter
  • To your email list
  • To your clients
  • On your website
  • In a blog
  • In your email signature
  • In online forums where appropriate

PLEASE NOTE: We do not condone spamming – please promote responsibly!

Graphics you can use:

The images below are yours to use as you please – link them to your affiliate link (E-Junkie will give you this) to make sure you get credit for sales from your site. Right click on them to save to your desktop, or feel free to use them from this site – right click to get the address of the images.


You can of course create your own banners if you wish – please just drop me a line before you start using them, so I can make sure they’re OK (all banners must include our logo, please email for a PNG copy

So that’s all the admin stuff over with, thanks again for becoming an affiliate and happy selling!

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