Adding someone else as an Admin on your Facebook Fan Page

admin1If you have a Facebook Fan Page, and you need to make someone else an Admin on the page (for example, if you have more than one member of staff updating the page, or you’ve hired someone like us to help out with your page), the process is as below.

First of all click on the link on the left, underneath your Fan Page profile picture, that says “Edit Page”. This takes you to the page where you can change different parts of your fan page. You can see what this link looks like on our fan page from the image on the left here.

Once on the editing page, you need to scroll down and look on the right of the page where you will see ‘Admins’. This will show you who is currently listed as an admin on your page – more than likely just you at the moment.

On the right is a link to ‘Add’ an Admin, and when you click on that, it brings up a list of people who are fans of the page (see image below). If the person you want to add is a fan of your page, you can simply find them in the list and add them as an admin – they will get an email telling them that you have done so.

The other option (if they are not a fan of the page) is to add them by using their email address. Again they will be sent an email to tell them they’ve been made an Admin of your page.


It’s worth noting that once someone is an Admin on your Facebook Fan Page, their posts on that page will appear to come from the page, not from them personally, so the avatar next to the post will be the one of the Fan Page, not their personal one – this can be a little confusing if 2 of you are posting things on the wall and replying to each other, as it looks as if the page is talking to itself!

Hopefully this will help you to add Admins to your Facebook fan page if necessary – drop us a line if you have any issues!

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  1. Very useful, however remember to take note of whom you have given administrative rights too as they may one day no-longer be associated with that group !

  2. I made my daughter an admin on day 1

  3. Just let Nikki P have total control…. Nikki P knows best!

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