7 Reasons I WILL follow you on Twitter

I'll lead, you'll FollowFollowing on from my post 10 Reasons I Won’t Follow You On Twitter, I thought it only fair to do a follow up 🙂

So, here are 7 reasons why I WILL follow you on Twitter:

1) I’ve met you.

If we’ve met at an event, or out networking, or I’ve seen you speak and introduced myself to you then I’ll happily follow you on Twitter.

2) I admire you

I’m not talking celebrities so much here, but if you’ve been successful in business and I admire the way you do things, I’ll click the follow button 🙂

3) You provide great links

I love reading blogs and articles so if you provide a lot of links then I’m likely to check you out.

4) Someone I know retweeted you

I often find new people to follow because someone I follow has retweeted their tweets.

5) You retweet my tweets

Yeah, mercenary, but if you retweet my tweets then I’m more likely to have a look at your profile and follow you as a thank you.

6) You @nikkipilkington me

Responding to a question I’ve asked, asking me a question, just saying Hi – yep, I’ll follow you. (Spamming me straight off with links to your site, no I won’t)

7) You’ve been featured on Twittercounter

I often scan through the recommendations on there and find new people to follow.

But the above 7 things aren’t just going to get ME to follow you, they’ll often help other people to make the choice to follow you too – in short, to my mind, they’re great etiquette for Twitter, and will help us all build our follower. Good luck 🙂

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