5 Things Article Submissions can do for you

I’m a big fan of Article Marketing, and have been for over ten years – in fact I still get business from an article that I originally wrote back in 1995!

But when I speak to people online, it amazes me how many of them think article marketing is a waste of time, isn’t for them, won’t do them any good, or simply haven’t heard of it!

I haven’t yet found a small business website that couldn’t be helped in some way with a targeted article marketing plan, so here’s my list of 5 ways that article marketing can work for you:

1) Article Marketing establishes you as An Expert. Writing knowledgeably about your services or industry shows that you know what you’re talking about, and encourages people to trust you.

2) Article Marketing spreads the word. By submitting your article to the best article websites, you can reach more readers and find people who wouldn’t normally have visited your website.

3) Article Marketing helps SEO – by including relevant and targeted links from your articles, you’re helping Google to not only find your site, but learn a little more how to categorise it. Anchor texted links from well thought of websites can help your SEO tenfold.

4) Article Marketing adds content to your website. Google loves content rich websites, and adding new pages gives you things to blog about, Tweet about and generally tell your contacts about.

5) Article Marketing gets you exposure. Journalists often refer to articles they have found online in order to find an expert for a comment or quote in articles they write.

There are many other reasons to carry out article marketing – see the following articles for more details:

So if you’ve been thinking about Article Marketing, but not yet gotten around ot it, or you’re not sure it will work for you – give it a go!

If it’s submitting the articles in various places that’s wrrying you, check out our Article Marketing special offer – submission to the top 20 article websites, plus a whole lot more, for just £30!

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About Nikki

Author of many 30 Day Blogging Challenges, Nikki spends her time helping small businesses with Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. With 17 years of experience, she hasn't yet found someone she couldn't help to get more business from their website.


  1. I could not agree more. Article marketing put the College of Public Speaking on page 1 of Google and it’s very cost effective. Contact me if you’d like to know which company I use for article distribution. Regards Vince

  2. The “Cheek of the day” award goes to Vince for trying to promote one of our competitors while using our blog to get links to his site – thanks for the giggle Vince 🙂

  3. Nikki:
    I could not agree more with you on article marketing. One of the issues that sometimes turns people sour is the quality of the writing in general distribution.
    I prefer to do 5,7 Tips Articles that show how or one article that deals with an issue fully leading the reader to find more out about you via the resource box. That is the true value of Article marketing. Article Marketing gives you an opportunity to pass something of value on to your reader. If not you are wasting your time.
    Like your cheeky comment.

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