21 Things You Could Blog About Right Now

When I speak to people about blogging, one of the first excuses they come up with is ‘I don’t have time’, rapidly followed by ‘I don’t know what to blog about’.

Sometimes we’re a little too close to our business, and can’t see the wood for the trees. Hopefully this list of 21 things you can blog about right now will help clear your mind, and give you some ideas.

21 Things You Could Blog About Right Now

  1. A topical news piece – read the online news, locally, nationally, internationally and industry – find something you can relate to your business and write about it.
  2. Your latest client – tell your readers who your latest client is and what you’ll be doing for them – it helps them to see the kind of person they could refer to you for future business.
  3. Your latest product – if you have a new product or service, use your blog to tell your readers about its benefits.
  4. Your latest member of staff – growing as a business? Brag about it – let you readers know what’s going on in your business and they’ll reward you with loyalty!
  5. A Day in your life – describe a typical day in your life at work / in your business. People like to read about people.
  6. Top tips in your industry – share top tips – help to educate people and they’ll share you, tweet you, facebook you and more.
  7. An opinion piece – a risky one, but if you have an opinion on something, share it!
  8. A how to article – help people out by telling them how to do something to do with your industry.
  9. FAQs – round up the questions you get asked the most and answer them!
  10. Industry news – what’s going on in your industry that could interest your potential clients / readers?
  11. Answer a question – look at your email. What was the last question you received about your business? Answer it in a blog post.
  12. Do a recent roundup – really stuck for something to blog? A round up post of recent or popular posts on your blog is a quick and easy space filler, and will be useful to readers who may have missed previous posts.
  13. Post a poll – ask a question, give people a few choices, and post up your poll. Use another blog post to go over the results when you’ve collated them.
  14. Tell people how you started – people like people. Share with your readers how you got started in business, and ask them to share their stories too.
  15. Take a picture – a picture tells a thousand words – take a picture; of your office, your shop, your latest product, your coffee cup, whatever – and write a blog post around it.
  16. Ask a question – want interaction on your blog? Ask your readers a question they can answer easily.
  17. Give something away – find the right giveaway and you can generate a lot of links and traffic. Giveawy checklists, white papers, ebooks, reports, the list is endless.
  18. Review a product or website – been visiting a website for a while? Finished a course or book? Used a great product? Write a review post and let your readers know.
  19. Share resources – found some great industry resources? Or websites you think your readers will be interested in? Share them 🙂
  20. Write a testimonial – had great service from someone? Write them an open letter testimonial on your blog and be sure to link to their website and Social Media accounts. Put a smile on someone’s face 🙂
  21. Link to other great posts – share the love of your readers by directing them to other great posts that may help them. Whether it’s ‘Top 10 Posts about Facebook’ or ‘Posts I love this week’, a list of great posts you’ve read is easy to do and helps others out too.
Off the top of my head, there are your starters for 21 🙂
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  1. NikkiPilkington says:

    Testing Livefyre commenting system as recommended by @saraharrow – please ignore 🙂

  2. @NikkiPilkington blame it on me ;). Can’t install it on Birds, it won’t let me 🙁

  3. Great post Nikki! Thanks for sharing.

  4. EmilyLeary says:

    Great list, Nikki – and kudos for coming up with 21! I particularly concur with #9 FAQs – client questions are an almost unending source of blog post topics and of course, you then know you’re writing for the right audience and addressing the topics they’re most likely to be searching for. Perfect.

  5. Fantastic ideas Nikki, I totally agree that people love to read about peoples lives and how they started I know that I do. I also think that blogging about something you are passionate about is brilliant because people can tell if its a passion of yours. Great blog and look forward to reading more posts soon
    MikeJFlynn recently posted..By: adminMy Profile

  6. Thank you so much for sharing, this is a great list & I have already saved & stored it in my blog ready to start tackling!

  7. I have used some of these before and have thought of using many of them. Just not actually got round to doing the writing!

    About to embark on a calendared programme of posting blogs twice a week to the end of the year, so bound to be some inspiration here

  8. Fantastic ideas. Thanks!

    I’m always on the lookout for ideas for writing emails to our subscribers at HowToCruise.co.uk.

    Even though these tips are aimed at bloggers, they’ve given me some great ideas for subjects to write about.

    Much appreciated.

  9. John Wright ( Manchester UK ) says:

    Hey Nicki,

    Just come across your blog, Yea I know, where have I been. I am just getting started and that list is solid gold for ideas relating to blog posting or email marketing. I’m gonna keep an eye on you lol. Hope you don’t mind. Maybe I’ll be as good as you one day.

    John Wright Manchester UK No links just a solid compliment.

  10. Hello. Thanks for the information, very interesting to read. I am holistic therapist, and always struggling to blog about my business and my industry. It is so much information on the internet about Heath related products or services.. Need help on that.. Thanks

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