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How do I get an easier way to remember my Google+ profile address?

I’ve had quite a few emails about this one, so it seems worth a quick blog post!

When you sign up with Google+ you’ll see that your profile address is a rather unwieldy one – mine is the lovely for example!

Now I’m not going to remember that, that’s for sure.

So, how do you make it easier for people to find you? Get a GPlus shorturl!

The folks over at have created a URL shortner specifically for your Google Plus names – mine is now a much easier to remember – which also fits nicely on business cards etc!

Pop over and get yours now – it’s easy to do and saves a lot of copying and pasting!

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The 30 Day SEO Challenge is here!

It’s been great seeing you all do so well on our 30 Day Blogging Challenge, 30 Day Facebook Challenge, and sign up for the soon to be launched 30 Day Adwords Challenge, and so on August 1st 2011 we launched the challenge you’ve all been asking for – The 30 Day SEO Challenge!

The 30 Day SEO Challenge from Nikki Pilkington

In this Challenge you’ll learn about:

  • Finding the right keyphrases
  • Making META tags work for you
  • Why Titles matter
  • How to get front page Google listings and keep them
  • Whether link building campaigns are worth it
  • How to get links to your site that really make a difference
  • and more!

Alongside the Challenge is a brand new ebook – which is priced pretty reasonably we think at just £8.

Should I get the ebook or sign up for the email course?

That depends on how impatient you are 🙂

The email course will be free for the first 100 signups – after that it will be chargeable.

The ebook contains everything that’s in the course, plus a fair few extras – resources and articles that will help you – and more access to me if you need it 🙂

OK I want the ebook

Just pop over to our ebook store to pick it up – have a look at some of our other challenge ebooks while you’re there!

OK I want the email course

Cool – we reached 100 free signups pretty quickly, so I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat on that one.  However, we’re going to do things a little differently on the paid signups for this one 🙂 Instead of me telling you what to pay, you can make a donation. Minimum is £1, maximum is whatever you like. I would say if you were thinking of paying over £8 though you’d be better off getting the book 🙂 You can donate using the Paypal button below.

Things to note: Once you have paid, Paypal will route you to a page where you sign up to the emails – please wait for this to happen, or you won’t be added to the course, then you’ll email me in a grump 🙂



Free marketing ebook – 99 Tools to help you get business from Social Media

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We’re loving the freebies that Hubspot are giving away these days, and this one’s a corker!

99 Tools to help you get business from Social Media requires that you sign up to a mailing list to get it, but it’s more than worth it.

In it you’ll find:

  • Tools to manage your Twitter account
  • Tools to manage your Facebook account
  • Blog and website management tools
  • Content creation tools
  • Tools for tracking and analysis
  • and more!

It’s most definitely worth a download so pop on over and get it (PDF) now!

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The 30 Day SEO Challenge – coming soon!

We’ve loved having you all along on our 30 Day Blogging Challenge, 30 Day Facebook Challenge, and the soon to be launched 30 Day Adwords Challenge, and we’ve decided it’s almost time to launch the challenge you’ve all been asking for – The 30 Day SEO Challenge!

In this Challenge you’ll learn about:

  • Finding the right keyphrases
  • Making META tags work for you
  • Why Titles matter
  • What Page Rank really means
  • How to get front page Google listings and keep them
  • Whether link building campaigns are worth it
  • How to get links to your site that really make a difference
  • and more!

STOP PRESS! The 30 Day SEO Challenge is now live!

Why WordPress is a Good Choice for your Website

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When you create a website, it is important that you choose a really good content system to help back up your great design. This will help you to manage your website more successfully and help it reach its full potential. WordPress is one of the best content management systems out there and is a great choice for any website. Read on for five reasons WordPress is a good choice for your website.

WordPress has got millions of users and there are close to 50 million WordPress websites in the world. This is a huge amount, and it suggests that they certainly must be doing something right for so many people to choose them for their website.

Lots of themes
Another great thing about WordPress is that there are lots of different themes that you can use. This means you can change the look of your website really simply: even if you are a complete beginner when it comes to websites, you’ll be able to choose a theme to suit your need and make your site stand out from the pack. With so many themes to choose from, there is something to fit with every style of site, from professional to fun and funky.

Easy to update
A lot of people also use WordPress for their websites because the content management system makes it really easy to update. The process for adding new content to your site is straightforward and efficient, so even if you’re not the best person in the world with technology, you’ll still be able to do it.

WordPress also has loads of options that allow you to customise its themes so you can adapt your website to exactly what you’re looking for. This could involve something relatively simple such as adding your own graphics to the site, to more complex things such as adapting the code to meet your needs. There are also some great external software options that use WordPress to create fantastic, customised websites.

One of these options is Genesis Framework, which is powered by Studiopress. This offers a range of themes and has a focus on SEO, enabling you to boost the performance of your website while still benefitting from the best bits of the WordPress experience. There are different packages available for the Genesis Framework, which means you’re sure to be able to find what you’re looking for and, whether you’re a novice or an advanced user, it’s sure to be able to meet your website needs.

Multiple uses
There are also lots of different things you can do with WordPress. For example, as well as creating a professional website for your business using a service such as Genesis, you could also start a WordPress blog to further enhance your online business. There are also ways of linking WordPress to your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, so you can bring together all of your online activity into one place, allowing for more effective management and a more focused website that will ultimately be of benefit to you.

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Why you shouldn’t abandon your Facebook Business Page

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With more than 500 million users worldwide, Facebook certainly has the potential to be an extremely effective marketing tool for businesses. One of the best ways businesses can promote their work through Facebook is with a Facebook business page.

Here they can post information such as their contact details, key information about their business and news of upcoming events. They can also include images, such as their logo or pictures of important aspects of their business so users can instantly identify the brand. A Facebook business page also allows users to search for particular companies and interact with them. This can help businesses to seem more human, especially if you take the time to reply to people’s comments and even give them special offers or run competitions through your page.

One big error that quite a lot of companies make, though, is to go to the trouble of setting up a Facebook business page only to abandon later on. In a lot of ways, this is even worse than not bothering to set up a Facebook business page at all. After all, if you haven’t created a page at all, then you still have the potential to do so. You still have the ability to harness the benefits of Facebook business pages if you choose to do so in the future.

However, if you set up a Facebook business page and then abandon it, this can send a negative message to the people who used that page. It might suggest to them that you felt the effort wasn’t worth it. This can make people feel rejected and as though your business doesn’t really care about the people who use its services. This effect will be especially pronounced if you originally set up your page to get to know your customers better and seek their views – to then abandon the page is effectively abandoning them, as well.

Another reason you shouldn’t abandon your Facebook business page is that you might want to use it again one day. If you do abandon it and then later decide to pick it back up again, it will be much harder to get the momentum going. Users might be less inclined to trust you and might be somewhat suspicious of you. It might also make your business appear flaky and unprofessional, and as though it can’t really decide what to do. This isn’t only worrying for your online marketing strategy but for your whole approach to business.

People increasingly use the internet to research businesses before they use them, and Facebook plays a part in this. Just as prospective employers often use it to check out the people they’re going to be interviewing, prospective clients could well use it to investigate your business. If they see that you have abandoned your Facebook business page, or only use it sporadically, it might give the impression that you are unreliable or unprofessional. Even if you are neither of these things and are, in fact, the most efficient business on the planet, it still won’t reflect well.

Overall, then, abandoning your Facebook business page is worse than not having one at all. Having one can be great and beneficial for your business, but if you’re not going to put the necessary effort into it, you might’ve been better off not starting it in the first place.

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Google Plus vs Facebook – an infographic

Thanks to the fab TechAddicts for this Google+ vs Facebook infographic – a great comparison of the two. You can see the original at


Facebook video calls – is that it?

PALO ALTO, CA - JULY 06:  Facebook CEO Mark Zu...

I’d heard the rumours that yesterday’s ‘amazing announcement’ from Facebook would be video calls, but I have to admit I was hoping for a little more.

Sitting through the live announcement, I can’t say I was massively impressed with the furore it had created and yet how little (to me) it seemed to give.

We’ve got:

  • Group chat
  • Improved chat interface
  • Video chat through Skype

Now, as someone who refuses to use Facebook chat (I find it intrusive, and it never seemed to work half the time anyway), I’m not the target market for this announcement.

In fact the only people I know who use Facebook chat are my teenage daughter and her friends, and as they make up a large part of the Facebook membership I guess that’s who Mark Z was aiming at.

It’s not going to change my life, or the life of many business people I know.

Some would say it was a cynical attempt to take publicity away from Google+ – and judging by the headlines in the online news today it achieved that 🙂

So what do you think of the news? Is video chat on Facebook going to change the way you use it? Will group chat (being able to chat to more than one person at a time, something Skype and MSN have been doing for years) make life easier for you?

Or has it all just passed you by?


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Paperless office? Not in NP HQ that’s for sure!

Two tall metal file cabinets for work or home use

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I’ve been reading for years about the paperless office, and at times I thought I’d come close to achieveing it – I was going to diligently scan all receipts and bills, store everything online and do away with those pesky filing cabinets and piles of paper on my desk.

Except it never worked out like that.

I like my to do list in the form of a mindmap, which I then print out every morning – of course after a couple of weeks these to do lists are spread all over my desk with a couple of magazines, the odd bill, paperwork I need to file, empty envelopes and more.

So it was with a smile on my face that I read the latest blog post from my client Harley Grove with many amusing ways to achieve the paperless office – I particularly like the idea of sacking the postie, although then I’d no longer get my lovely deliveries from Little Sunflowers every month, so maybe that’s not a goer.

I know that all I need to do to have less paper around me is to scan more, be more organised and give myself a kick up the bum occasionally, so why can’t I do it?

I’m thinking that I’m actually going to have to get some help in this department, so I’m ready to give Rob at Harley Grove a call and ask for a trial run of some of his paperless office software – I’ll have a clear desk yet!



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Is that Google+ invitation all it seems?

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We know, lots of people are champing at the bit to get into Google+, with invitations being begged for, offered and traded – we even heard that some were put up on eBay!

But beware of what you’re receiving when you get the coveted invite – it may not be all it seems.

Spammers and hackers are making the most of the Google+ furore by sending out fake Google+ invitations that encourage you to click on a link. At best you’ll end up on some dodgy Viagra site, at worst you could be installing a Trojan virus.

Our tips for you?

  • Only open invitations from people who have told you they’re sending them to you
  • Hover over any link to find out where it goes before clicking on it
  • Don’t get sucked into the Google+ hype 🙂

With invitations being at a premium, these type of emails will be circulating for quite a while, so please be careful and spread the word by tweeting or Facebooking this post or one of the ones below:


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