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An SEO offer you can’t afford to miss!

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We have our office internet connection back at last, and to celebrate we’re making a very special offer to all of our followers / fans / contacts – but only until the 4th of March!

Our Bronze SEO Package with no set up fee!

If you’ve been considering SEO for your website in 2011, but were put off by set up fees or the overall cost, then this offer could be for you!

What do you get?

  • Initial keyword research
  • Initial optimisation for 10 phrases
  • Ongoing optimisation when needed
  • Google Webmaster Tools account
  • Google Local submission
  • 1 article per month written and submitted to 5 article sites for incoming links
  • Submission to Google and ODP (Open Directory Project)
  • Weekly reporting of placements via Sheer SEO
  • Regular ideas, hints, tips and recommendations
  • Promotion on Twitter & Facebook via our accounts reaching over 18,000 followers / likers

Not bad, eh?

How much?

Usually this would cost £499 setup fee and then £100 per month, but as this is our celebratory offer, we’re waiving the setup fee and just charging the monthly fees! Wow!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! We ask you to sign our usual 6 month contract, pay via Paypal subscriptions, and allow us to tell the world we’re working with you – does any of that sound like a catch?

How do I sign up?

Just use the PayPal Subscription button below to pay your first month’ payment. Ongoing payments will be taken automatically, and if after the 6 months you don’t want to carry on, you simply stop the payments!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and let’s kickstart your website in 2011!

Online reputation management – what do you do when someone repeatedly posts negative comments on your Facebook page?

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An email from a person I know on Twitter and Facebook prompted this post. She manages the Facebook page of a pretty well known brand with a positive online reputation.

But a disgruntled former employee has a bee in his bonnet, and has been posting negative comments on their Facebook page. Not just under his own name but also by registering multiple fake accounts and posting the same things under those names too (not very bright, our chap 😉 )

Of course, she has been removing the posts, which accuse the directors of the company of fraud and embezzlement, bullying, affairs and more. And names them every time. However, this is obviously a time consuming way of managing the situation.

In most cases, if negative things are posted, I advise that they are responded to calmly and dealt with in a way that shows that the company is open and responsive to criticism as well as praise.

But I’ve seen these messages and believe me they are pretty foul, and as far as I can tell have no basis in truth.

So what should she do? Of course, she could disallow postings on the page from people who aren’t admins, but then that takes away the very social aspect of having a Facebook page.

Deleting the posts and reporting the accounts, and banning them from the page, works in the short term. but when someone is so vitriolic and registers even more accounts to carry on their ‘work’, it becomes a never ending cycle.

So, over to you guys. How would you deal with this? What can she do that will not take up hours of her time a day checking the page and removing / banning / reporting?

This kind of thing is starting to happen more and more as people realise the power of social media – have you faced a similar problem? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Barter is smarter?

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Every year we choose a few companies to work with who want our services and can offer us something in return – that way we get new clients and services at the same time, and they get SEO or Social Media help without (strictly) having to pay for it.

And, a little late this year, we’re putting out feelers for the companies we can work with on this basis in 2011.

So, do you need SEO and Social Media help and have something to offer us?

In the past we’ve bartered services with:

  • a children’s clothes company
  • copywriters
  • WordPress experts
  • a gardening supplies company
  • to name but a few

If you’d be interested in this kind of deal, drop me a line to and let’s chat 🙂

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