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Have I done work for you? I'd appreciate your help :)

271/365 - Death Toll Rises to 100; Number of Displaced People Up To Over 450,000If we’ve done work for you in the last few months then we’d really appreciate your help. We’re about to revamp our testimonials page as it’s pretty out of date and would love some shiny new testimonials to put up there!

So if we’ve handled your:

  • SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter Management
  • Article Writing

or indeed anything else, and you’re happy to say nice things about us, then we’d love to hear from you!

Please drop us a line to with the subject line ‘Testimonial’ and include:

  • The work we did
  • Your website address
  • The address of the work we did, if relevant (eg your Facebook page address)
  • Your testimonial

We’re going to include the testimonials, along with links to your websites, on our website and our Facebook page, so we really appreciate your help.

Don’t want to publicise that we’ve done the work for you? You can still give us a testimonial and we’ll leave it as an anonymous one 🙂

Thanks in advance for your help – we really appreciate it and it will help us out loads!


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Creative Commons License photo credit: Helga Weber

News feeds and your sites


A guest post from Dani Higginson of Pure Content

The way people gather information has changed. Instead of turning to traditional news sites which cover a wide-range of topics for information, internet users often turn to sites which can provide them with targeted information – up-to-the-minute news that relates specifically to their personal or professional topics of interest. When you include a news feed on your site, not only are you attracting that type of information seeker, you are also presenting yourself as a viable source of news and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

The Importance of News Feeds to Your Site

Whether your goal is to enhance your brand, engage and retain your online audience, or increase traffic and improve your overall search engine rankings, adding a tailored news feed can help. When you add a news feed, existing customers will see you as a source of information and knowledge; subconsciously, this increases their confidence in your service. It also makes you an expert in their eyes. Presenting news content relevant to your industry illustrates that you work to stay abreast of industry news – keeping your finger its pulse, always aware of trends, changes, and events.

Having a news feed on your site also attracts search engines; which in turn provides more avenues for potential customers to discover you. They will come to read the news and, with clever use of links and supporting navigation, possibly stay to engage in a discussion of services and/or refer the site to someone else.

Finally, a news feed gives a site the feel of legitimacy, longevity, and security. You know what is happening in your niche’ and you are reporting it. This means you take it seriously and that you are truly interested in your niche’, not just trying to make money from it.

Building an Online Presence Through Targeted News Feeds

Increasing SEO

While having any news feeds will potentially increase site traffic, the goal is to present web content specific to your area of interest. This is where targeted web content comes in. Targeted web content takes your industry’s information and tailors it using links and keywords, which then boosts your ratings in search engine results.

Driving Traffic

Using targeted news feeds also ensures that not only is there more traffic finding your site, but that it is designed for the people you want to find you. Unlike with RSS feeds, where you cannot control everything that goes into your service, tailored news feeds bring in people specifically looking for news in your area of expertise – usually people with a vested interested in those topics. That opens the door for repeat visits. Then, by changing content and adjusting it according to industry trends, seasonal offerings, and annual happenings, you can ensure your site is regularly attracting fresh traffic.

Establish Yourself as an Expert in a Certain Niche Area

Internet users tend to see services with news feeds as knowledgeable information providers. By adding a tailored news feed to your site, you are establishing yourself and your service as an expert in your field. is a web content production company. Founded by two web-masters in 2006, Purecontent is rapidly becoming one of the world’s leading content supply companies for the webmaster market. With over nine years’ combined experience in the web publishing market, the founders have created a unique package of products that provides content solutions to the biggest names on the web, but that are also readily accessible and affordable to the smaller web business.

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7 Steps to Blogging For Foreign Markets

thank you note for every languageA guest post from Christian Arno, founder and Managing Director of global language services agency Lingo24

If you’re an English-language blogger, you might want to consider exporting your blog to foreign markets. It’s not as difficult as you might think, and could be a great way of seriously increasing your readership. Here are few tips to get you started.

Invest in a local domain
If you want to be taken seriously in other countries and build trust amongst your foreign readers, it’s well worth making a small investment in a country-specific domain name. For example, if your English-language blog is on, you should host your French and German versions of your blog using and, respectively. This approach will help you to get ranked by local search engines and will encourage your readers to take you more seriously.

Reuse your English content
One of the toughest aspects of blogging is having to constantly develop new content. The beauty of moving into foreign markets is that you can recycle the content on your existing English-language blog. If you’ve been blogging for a while in English, you probably have enough content to provide a regular supply of posts on your foreign language blog, with very little extra work required. It’s often frustrating to think of your historic posts languishing in your blog’s archive – by recycling them into foreign languages, you’re giving them a whole new lease of life.

Use straightforward language
When you are writing new posts for your foreign language blogs, try to use clear unambiguous prose. This means avoiding the use of slang, unusual metaphors and abbreviations. By doing so, you will be creating content that can be more accurately translated and can be used in more of your foreign blogs. If you’re planning to reuse some of your older posts from your existing blog, it might be worth editing them to make sure the language can be easily translated.

Avoid specific cultural references
You should also be careful not to include cultural references which might not be understood in other countries. For example, if you refer to TV shows or celebrities which are well-known where you live, it’s possible that your foreign readers won’t know what you are talking about. It will also remind your visitors that they are reading translated content originally intended for readers in another country, which could be a turn-off for them.

Use a professional translator
If you want to be taken seriously in foreign markets, you need to ensure that your content is well translated. There are online machine translation tools, like Google Translate, but they are no way near as accurate as a professional translator. Badly translated content will give your blog an amateurish feel and put off your readers. The only way to be sure that your posts are accurately translated is to use a professional translator. If you’re going to the trouble of setting up a foreign-language blog, you might as well make sure your content is good quality!

Build links in the local internet
If you already have an English blog, you know the importance of link-building. It’s not only essential for SEO but it helps you to establish yourself as a respected member of the ‘blogosphere’. If you want your foreign blogs to be a success you will need to put some effort into link-building in the local internet. Having your posts professionally translated will be a big help, because other bloggers within your target markets are more likely to link to and comment on good quality content. Other link building strategies, like submitting to good quality, high traffic directories, can be replicated for your foreign blogs.

Promote within the local social media
All bloggers know the importance of social networks for promoting their blogs. You can get a lot of leverage by using social media within the foreign markets you are targeting. Try to make new Facebook friends within the country you are launching your blog. You may wish to provide a translated version of your bio in your Facebook profile and maybe include some posts from your foreign blogs in your Facebook feed. You could use your foreign-language keywords to search for Twitter users in your target countries. You should also research any country-specific social networks which may not be well-known in your home country.

About the author

Christian Arno is the founder and Managing Director of global language services agency Lingo24. Launched in 2001, Lingo24 now has over 120 employees spanning four continents and clients in over sixty countries.

Contact Lingo24 with a translation request mentioning before 30 November 2010 and receive a 10% discount on your first order.


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Creative Commons License photo credit: woodleywonderworks

What size should the "New Twitter" background be?

Number wheelIt’s been coming for a while, but for most of us, New Twitter is here at last, and with it new restrictions on custom backgrounds.

We spoke at the weekend about the fact that a lot of custom backgrounds were going to look a little odd on New Twitter (ours included!) and we’ve been seeing quite a few that need changing on our travels today!

So, to answer the question: What size should the “New Twitter” background be?

Well, it’s not as easy to answer as it should be, as it really depends on the resolution of the browser your viewer is using.

Simply put, here are the dimensions:

Twitter Interface’s Total New Width: 1040px

(100% Viewable) Always Visible: 41px on each side

(72.7% Viewable) of Modern Computers: 108px on each side (Requires about 1280×800px Screen Resolution or Higher)

(28.8% Viewable) of Modern Computers: 200px on each side (Requires 1440×900px Screen Resolution or Higher)

(4.6% Viewable) of Modern Computers: 312px on each side (Requires 1920×1080 Screen Resolution)

[Information on sizing reproduced from – thanks guys!]

Simply put, if you want to ensure that EVERYONE sees your background as you intend it to be seen, you only have 41 pixels either side to play with – that’s really not a lot for corporate branding 🙁

We’re aiming for screens set at 1280 x 800, which is apparently 72% of people, and gives us 108 pixels either side to play with.

That’s just enough room to do something creative with, and we’re creating our background as we type!

Need a new Twitter background? If you’re a client of ours with a managed Twitter account, we’ll be redoing your background free of charge over the next week or so. If you’re not a managed client, you can still engage us to sort out your Twitter background – for just £50 we’ll redesign your Twitter background AND tweet our 11,000+ followers to let them know!

As always, first come first served! Please use the link below to purchase. Not interested in purchasing? That’s fine – if you’ve recreated your background yourself we’d love to see it so post your Twitter account in the comments and we’ll take a look!


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DON’T FORGET! You can win an Internet Marketing Campaign worth £4599!!

Creative Commons License photo credit: HeavyWeightGeek

Want to win a website marketing package worth £4599?


STOP PRESS! The competition was won by Samatha Higgs – more details soon!

Maybe it’s because Summer is over and we need cheering up when we look out of the window at the fog…

Maybe it’s because we’re still riding high after our week of special offers

Maybe it’s because we love our work..

Whatever the reason, we’re offering a fab Website Marketing package worth £4599 to one lucky person, and that person could be you!

What’s in the package Nikki?

All services are for 6 months, and the prices mentioned above are based on setup fees and 6 x monthly fees. The total is a fantastic £4599!

So how do we win it then?

This is the easy bit! All you have to do is ‘Like’ our Facebook Business page! That’s it! Then on October 31st (ooh spooky…) we’ll throw all of our Facebook ‘fans’ into a random generator and pick out a lucky winner!

That’s it?

Yep, that’s it – go to our Facebook Business Page, click on the Like button at the top, and you’re in with a chance! Ask a question on the page and we’ll put you in the draw twice!

Post details of our offer on your own Facebook profile (use the ‘share’ button right at the bottom on the left) and we’ll enter you a third time!

It’s that simple – so if you want to have your website promoted by us for 6 months for free, go ‘Like’ us now and say Hi!

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Is "New Twitter" going to ruin your custom background?

Head in Hands“New Twitter” is rolling out slowly, and as it does, one thing is becoming obvious; if you have a custom Twitter background then you’re in for a shock.

Old Twitter allowed you to make the most of the left and right sidebars to put branded information in there and make your background look better than the generic Twitter ones, but New Twitter is removing that ability, or at least curtailing it a little.

As this article says:

In addition to inline media and other features, the new platform refresh takes up greater screen real estate. In doing so, it blocks out the formerly empty left hand part of the background that proved popular real-estate to share additional information, albeit in a static, non-linkable format via a custom background.

So if you’re using the left hand side of the twitter background to tell people a little more about you (as we are) then you could be in for a surprise!

The article mentioned above gives some examples – do go and have a look!

Not sure whether your background will be affected? Drop me a line to with a link to your Twitter profile (not just your username, make it easy for me please 🙂 ) and I’ll take a look!


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Creative Commons License photo credit: Alex E. Proimos

2 great SEO offers from!

Wait. How do you REALLY feel about yourself?#5 in our week of special offers

Whatever the service or product that you provide, the chances are that someone is searching for it online; in Google, Bing, Yahoo pr another search engine they’ll be tapping in a few words and trying to find what you offer. But if they don’t find you, who do they find? That’s right, your competitors!

Well with our two special offers on SEO, we’ll help you to ensure that you’re in with a chance of being the one they find – and quickly!

Usually we offer our SEO services on an up front setup and then a monthly fee, but we know that a lot of you don’t want to commit to that. So these offers should help you to spread the cost!

Offer #1 – One off Standalone fee

Some of you just want to pay a one off fee for the up front work, and then carry on the link building, checking, reporting etc yourselves, and this offer is for you!

You’ll get:

  • Keyphrase research
  • On page optimisation (copy, meta tags, alt tags, internal linking etc)
  • Webmaster Tools Account
  • XML-sitemap
  • Guide to blogging for SEO
  • ‘Cheat sheet’ for further pages you may add to your website
  • Full report
  • 1 month’s email support

This is for 10 search phrases (each phrase must comprise 2 words or more) only, and you must be able to give us FTP and CMS (if applicable) access to the site.

The cost? A one off fee of just £400. That’s £99 less than our usual setup fee and an absolute bargain! £400! What’s a front page listing in Google worth to you?

To take advantage of this offer, drop Nikki a line now on

Offer #2 – Spread the cost!

Again, you’re telling us that sometimes an up front fee is a little difficult to find, and as we really want to support small business, we appreciate that and want to help, so this offer is for you!

Instead of paying an up front fee, sign for 6 months and all you have to do is pay £200 per month! Sign for 12 months and it’s just £180 per month! No up front fee, no big chunk of cash to buy, just easy monthly payments paid by standing order – what could be easier?

And you’ll get the same great service as all our other clients:

  • Keyphrase research
  • On page optimisation (copy, meta tags, alt tags, internal linking etc)
  • Webmaster Tools Account
  • XML sitemap
  • Guide to blogging for SEO
  • ‘Cheat sheet’ for further pages you may add to your website
  • Full report
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Link building where appropriate
  • Weekly reporting of placements
  • Ongoing hints and tips
  • Email and Skype chat support
  • 10 keyphrases (must be 2 words or more)

All for either £200 or £180 a month! Email now on for more information!

The small print:

Offer #1 fees must be paid up front before work can commence. Offer #2 fees must be paid by standing order. All keyphrases must be agreed before onsite work commences. Only 3 clients will be taken on for each offer, and phrases must not clash with current clients – ask if not sure 🙂

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Creative Commons License photo credit: kevinpereira

Keep forgetting to update your Facebook page? This offer is for you!

Time SpiralYou started off with all good intentions – your Facebook Fan Page all set up, nice and new and shiny and just waiting for you to gather fans / likes, add content and keep updated, and reply to comments as they come in.

But then business took over, your page hasn’t been updated for a few weeks, you haven’t looked for ‘likes’ for a while and you’re not sure whether or not you should carry on. You just can’t find the time!

That’s where our Facebook Business Page Management Service comes in – we’ll take the worry and the hassle of updating your page away from you.

We will:

  • Post at least once a day – not just links to your site, but items of interest, questions, videos, comments, statements and more – making your page an interactive and useful resource, not just a ‘me, me, me’ page that no-one pays any attention to.
  • Reply to any comments posted on the page, ensuring that conversation and relationships are nurtured rather than ignored.
  • Pass on any requests or comments that we feel you should deal with direct, such as product or service enquiries.
  • Publicise your page to our own contacts, Twitter followers and blog readers to help grow fans / likes
  • Send you a report every month with details of growth and achievements

Usually we charge £150 a month for this service, but this is our week of special offers so we’re offering it at just £65 per month!

Yep, you read that right – £65 a month! We’re only taking on 5 people at this price, and of course it’s first come first served.

We ask that you commit to 3 months with us, but apart from that there are no restrictions.

Sign up now with the Paypal subscription button below, or drop Nikki a line on if you would prefer to be invoiced.

Join the 75+ clients that have had help to make the most of their Facebook pages!


Creative Commons License photo credit: gadl

Make your Facebook page POP with a custom welcome tab!

Offer #3 in our week of special offers!

It’s all very well having a Facebook Business Page but how do you make it stand out from all of the others out there?

A custom welcome page makes sure that anyone visiting your page for the first time sees a bespoke, branded page that encourages them to ‘Like’ your page, as well as to find out more about you by maybe visiting your website, following you on Twitter, visiting your LinkeDIn profile and more.

It can include images, logos, text and more – maybe a poll to find out what people would like to see on your page, or a newsletter sign up form?

nikki-facebookWhile others are showing a very basic welcome page, or no welcome page at all and visitors go straight to their generic wall, your Business Page can stand out with you very own custom page designed especially for you!

We’ve seen companies charging hundreds of pounds for these – seriously! and usually we only offer this as part of our Facebook Silver service, which in itself costs £300.

HOWEVER, as part of our week of special offers, we’re offering this great opportunity at a great cost – just £99! That’s right, £99 to make your Facebook Business Page POP!

securstore-facebookIncrease fans, extend branding, get people talking about you now with your very own POPping page! We’re only doing 10 of these at this price, and of course it’s first come first served!

You can buy now with the Paypal link below, or drop me a line to if you would prefer to be invoiced.

Questions? Drop me a line at

Running out of blog ideas? Let us help!

moleskine & favourite penOffer #2 in our week of special offers!

It always happens eventually – you haven’t updated your blog for a while and you’re staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write – we’ve all been there, and the more you stare, the less you can think of.

The ‘last updated’ date on your blog makes you break out in a sweat, and you’re sure your readers are leaving in droves.

Well today’s special offer could be for you!

We know how difficult it is to commit to letting someone else write your blog – which is why we’re giving you a chance to try us out for a low, low price.

We write blog posts for over 50 clients, in a number of areas, including:

  • Telemarketing
  • Children’s clothing
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • Web marketing
  • Web design
  • Branding
  • Finance
  • Women’s issues
  • and more!

With a network of blog writers (and Nikki!) we produce over 500 blog posts a month and we’ve not hit bloggers’ block yet!

We’re offering to write a bespoke one off blog for your blogsite for just £30. That’s right, £30 for a 400 word blog post, optimised for your SEO keyphrases and aimed at getting comments and reposts. In many cases you’ll also be able to use the blog to submit to article sites, with a little tweaking, which we’ll help you with!

All we ask is that you a) have an idea what you want to blog about and b) let us track the amount of visitors the blog post gets.

So if you’re struggling to write and need a blog post written for you, use the Paypal button below to buy – it’s first come first served and we’re waiting to hear from you!


Creative Commons License photo credit: this lyre lark

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