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My blog has no comments – help!

We’re told that blogging is great for our business, helps build traffic to our website, enhances SEO, and practically does everything except wake us up in the morning with a cup of coffee. And a lot of the hype surrounding ‘having a blog’ is true:

  • It *IS* good for business – blogging about the things you are an expert in develops credibility and helps with branding.
  • It *CAN* bring more traffic to a website – it allows you to share information on places such as Facebook and Twtter, that bring in new visitors, and gives good reasons for old visitors to return.
  • It *DOES* enhance SEO, providing relevant and up to date content and links to the rest of your site.

(Sorry, I haven’t yet found a blog that makes coffee…)

But it can also be soul destroying – you write what you consider to be a great blog post, but no-one comments on it. You think your copy is great, your topic is fab and you KNOW that people are reading – but they’re just not commenting.

At, we know that one of the great ways to develop good traffic is by commenting on other people’s blogs. And by this we mean GOOD, RELEVANT comments, comments with content, not comments that are there just for a link back.

With this in mind, we’re always on the lookout for blogs that we can recommend to our clients, blogs in all sorts of industries that they can comment on and learn from.

It’s NOT about drive by comments and never returning visitors, it’s about helping blog owners by adding comments and spreading the word about their blog, and about helping our clients by giving them places to read posts, make comments and find out more about the world of blogging.

To help with this we’ve set up a separate Twitter account called BlogCrazy – aimed at encouraging people to post on each others’ blogs, and helping us all to help each other – please consider following, as we’ll be regularly promoting blog posts from followers.

8 Google videos you might not have seen

1. How to use Google Webmaster Tools
By: A 5 minute screencast on how to add a website to Google Webmaster Tools, verify it and view information on diagnostics and external links.

2. How to add my site to Google .. You can now how to add your site to google for more info visit us

3. Creating a Google Sitemap
Quick basic lesson in how to create a sitemap using online tools, and upload it straight into Google Sitemaps.

4. How to use Google Search like a professional user
Google Secrets

5. How to get high rankings on Google (SEO)
Detailed information on how to get high rankings in google. How to get high Page ranked sites to point back to your site.

6. How to set up Google Analytics
http://www.thirtydaychallen… Learn how to use the Google Analytics we analyzer for web tracking: http://www.thirtydaychallen…

7. How to improve your Google Ranking
Ever searched your name on Google? Did you come up on page 1 or 17? What about your web site or blog? Are you showing up for the ideal keywords? Watch this Daily Idea and learn how to improve your Google ranking in a few easy steps.

8. How to get a first page ranking on Google
Download the software that I used to get a first page Google ranking

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