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3 Social media nightmares, and what they have taught us

“Social media marketing” is the new buzzphrase in town, and everyone and their dog is ‘at it’.

Someone asked me the other day how I became a Social Media Marketing Expert, and when I’d stopped laughing, I told them that I didn’t class myself as an expert as such; all I do is take common sense marketing techniques and transfer them to the Social Media arena. Social Media Marketing as we know it is so new that there really aren’t as many experts out there as you would think.

Of course, there are people who have done well at it, both for themselves and/ or their clients, and there are people that are seen as ‘gurus’ but let’s be honest here, most small businesses are still trying to find their way through the ‘Web 2.0’ maze.

It’s a lot of trial and error in a lot of cases – but the problem with that is that the error is being done very publicly. The GOOD thing about that is that those still feeling their way gently in Social Media can use the public mistakes to learn.

iMedia has published a great post today on 3 social media nightmares

The post focuses on the following:

  • A blogger who caused an ethical uproar
  • How one man’s tweet became his agency’s nightmare
  • What happened when traditional journalism and new media collide

It’s a great read, and if it helps you to avoid some pitfalls and think more about your ‘strategy’ then all the better!

List of free press release sites

One of the more frequent questions we get asked here at is ‘Where can we submit our press releases for free?’

Usually we tell people to ‘Google’ for free press release sites, but it always makes us feel a bit mean, so the lovely Leigh has put together a list of free sites for you!

You can download the Free Press Release Sites PDF here

Article marketing for 2009

Article Marketing for 2009

At this time of the year, as you’re looking back, consoling yourself about the poor state of the economy and the effects its had on your business, the future may be the last thing on your mind.

But this is no time to be burying your head in the sand, it’s essential that you take action and start making effective plans to improve your online presence to start 2009 strongly and capture the best web traffic that your business deserves throughout 2009 to next Christmas.

Now’s the time to start planning your article marketing campaign for 2009, there’s very little time to waste, it’s essential that you start directing traffic towards your website using relevant and informative articles right away.  Your competitors are certainly already making plans and you don’t want to be left behind.

But what is Article Marketing?  Article Marketing is a relatively simple technique that builds upon the text-driven nature of the Internet.  It involves creating short (300-1000 word) articles that are used to improve your presence, credibility and selling power on the Internet.

Reputation and Credibility
Article Marketing can be used to improve your online reputation and credibility.  When someone uses a search engine to look for a particular term such as ‘Clear Widgets’, they find a link to one of your articles.  In this article, you expound your expertise and knowledge on the subject area and provide a link to your website for interested readers.

These articles drive traffic through to your website whilst increasing your online reputation.  The more relevant, informative expertise you can demonstrate, the greater your online credibility.

Understandably, not all your potential customers want to read articles but this method of marketing is also a great way to create high quality backlinks to your website.  By submitting your articles to article submission sites such as Ezine, GoArticles and Qassia, you can increase traffic to your website and in the world of Search Engine Optimisation, backlinks are one of the factors that Google and other Search Engines use when assessing your website and giving it a ranking.

The more articles you have, the more backlinks you will create and the better potential traffic and greater position your search engine ranking is likely to be.

Key Words and Phrases
If you’re looking to compete with others over popular key words and phrases, it’s going to take persistent and sustained publication of articles as part of your bid to capture the top spot, but it is possible.  Over-stuffing your articles with keywords is a bad idea and may be punished by the Search Engines.  Great articles place the quality of the article content above all else.

Return Visitors
Well written articles and blogs encourage your visitors to return to your website to read your latest postings, so create quality and receive great traffic in response.

None of this work can be done quickly, it all takes sustained development over time and if you want to start seeing results, you need to be producing regular articles and you need to start straight away.

If you don’t feel confident or comfortable writing your own articles, or you simply don’t have the time, an experienced and skilled writer can produce your articles on your behalf at very cost effective prices.

If you want to gain great web presence, increased traffic, enhanced profile and credibility – all leading to improved business online, you can get a head start by speaking to Internet Marketing expert Nikki Pilkington at

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