10 mistakes you can't afford to make with Google adwords – Tip #2

#2:  Paying Too Much for your PPC Bid

A frequent mistake that is made by amateur AdWord users is to pay too much for the PPC of their keyphrase/keyword choice.  If you set your PPC rate too high, you will end up in a bidding war against companies that most likely have huge advertising budgets.   Even if you win the war for position 1-3, you’ll be paying over the odds for your bids.

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  1. One thing we found empirically is that if you put the amount you tell Google you are going to pay per day UP and the amount you are prepared to bid DOWN you get better results

    Is that your experience Nikki?

  2. Definitely – it’s something that shouldn’t really work, but we’ve found similar things that seem a little strange.

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